Crystal Haskins & Dixie get their game on the last week of qualifying to make the BOTB

Well being a past BOTB contestant put a fire under Crystal to make the BOTB again in 2013.  All year she was right there, close but no cigar.  With the last week approaching to qualify this team got pissed, got an attitude, got her game on and got it done, winning the Open at WB Ranch by 2 ths.  When the call came in to us that she won we couldn’t stop smiling for 3 days as a matter of fact we are still smiling.

If you are not able to make it to the BOTB you can watch on the web at  Thank you Midwest Sports Photography for your support of Team Marley.

Crystal Haskins  & DoodleBug aka DixieSuperiorWallsLogos

How old is your horse and how long have you 2 been a team?

 Dixie is 8 years old. “Doodlebug” is my baby:  I bred, raised, and trained her.

 Any quirks the 2 of you do before you run?

I try to ride positive and clean, but I’m told that I ride better with an attitude 🙂 (Editor’s Note: And your qualifying run was proof of that – I will send Clea to the shoot to give you an attitude adjustment at the BOTB)

What do you feed your horse?

Equine Mega Omega, Moorman’s PowerGlo & Metabolic Mineral, Oats, and Hay.     Crystal and our Road Crew Partner (her Mom) Becky Johnson will be Equine Mega Omega booth on the first barrel side of the arena all weekend to chat about the benefits of the  product that makes Doodle Bug bust a move when she enters the pen! (Editors Note: that was what my Daddy always called me- brought back some great memories- Thanks Chrissy)

 What is one secret training tool?

Hard work, determination, peppermints and a lot of patience

 How often do you ride in a week’s time?

3-4 depending on the weather and work.

If you could name one thing that made you the rider you are today, what would it be?

My mom, Becky Johnson. She has always supported me. She tells me the way it is, cutting me not much slack, however, I thank her for that! I would not be who or where I am today without her. Thank you for everything mom.  You are the BEST!!

What is your favorite arena and why?

WB Ranch, it’s a big sandy arena, close to home and always a ton of fun!

Tell us something that not everyone knows about you and your horse?

 I caught Dixie when she was born.  Glad she didn’t fall on her head. Lol.Watson Farm Logo ideas

Do you have any goals for you and your horse in the next year to come?

Yes, going to the AQHA World Show and doing my best and qualifying for the BOTB 2014

 What charity would you like to support if you had the chance and why?

Breast Cancer for my Grandma Johnson who passed away in May.

 What has been your all time favorite win as a rider – Any horse, anytime, any arena?

2012 All American Quarter Horse Congress Amateur Barrel Racing, 2012 AQHA Amateur Ohio Rookie of the Year.

 Thank you for the great interview and we are sending some great thoughts your way for the BOTB!  Thank you for all the sponsors for the continued support! 

Dawn and Clea



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