Roadies Finals and How They will Roll in 2017

You can sign up to be a Roadie at the BOTB on Friday Night to run for the $1000 Roadie Only Money on Saturday and have your 2018 season start with points from Fri, Sat and Sun Opens.  (Yes Fri points count for 2017 & 2018 points) Any Roadie show you attended in August prior to August 25, 2017 will be counted as long as you are signed up by Friday by 10 PM or have already sent your Roadies Membership in and it is postmarked before Aug 25!

All Roadie Updated Forms are on the web at this link -> Roadies Info and Forms

Last year was our first Roadies Finals and they went well but as we said at the end of last year we would be making some changes to make it better.   Below is the scoop on how it will roll this year and what to expect starting in 2018

  1. Roadies Finals will run Sunday Morning
  2. Results will be posted Friday Night, LATE I am sure, as to whom will be in the Roadies Finals on Sunday.
  3. You can roll your Roadies Final time to the Sunday Open
  4. There will be a Roadies Table at the show for Roadie 2018 Sign Up so you can enter the $1000 Sidepot, get any 2018 Roadie points you have accumulated already in August and also check in for Roadies Final Saturday Morning and declare if you are running Sunday or Rolling your Roadies Final Time
  5. You will have to tell us Saturday by 2 PM if you are rolling your time to the Sunday Open from your Roadies Final Run or you will be marked as running and if you don’t run you will be considered a scratch
  6. For those not attending the BOTB you may still get in the money but the Roadies attending this show will have the best shot at the Year End Pot! If there is someone who can not run in the finals, who came to the show, and they inform us by 2PM on Sat we will move down to the next person in that division for the finals list and they will be able to run.
  7. All 3 Opens at the BOTB will count for 2018 Roadie points.
  8. In 2018 you will get 1 point for every Roadie show you attend and that will be added to your year end points….  Something new and better for those attending the Roadie Shows you at least get a damn point 🙂

Click here for the How it will roll form  ->How this Damn Roadies Finals will Roll 2017 Final

To see last years payout please see click here -> 2016 Payout

How this Damn Roadies Finals will Roll 2017 Final



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