Rebel Soul Change- The Venue is now Circle G Arena June 16-18,2023 Incentives Tomorrow’s Legends and Future Fortunes will Remain. It is still a IBRA, NPBA and there will be a BFA Futurity and lots of open money added. Thank you to all the incentives and associations.

Sorry Michigan folks we have been emailing, texting and phone calls for months to make sure nothing changed with our contract. 5 months later we finally get an email and unfortunately, they pulled it.

We did think better of the Midland FG and those in charge but it’s the way of the world we live in we recon.
So, it is what it is and today is a brand-new day!

Stalls will go on sale Sunday April 30th. We will have showbill up with stalls. Please share.

Thank You
As always keep an eye on our webpage for all updates.

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