Zanesville Show – A night at Zville

Headed to the Zanesville Fairgrounds for a $1000 added barrel race on a beautiful day! We hope everyone is enjoying the day with whatever you are doing!

Well it was a beautiful day. As we suspected we should have stayed home …. between the show starting at 4PM (and we are in bed by 9) Clea having a kankle from a bee sting the day before and wanting to watch the Olympics at 2AM we were really thinking we should have stayed home. BUT…

If we would have stayed home we would not have been able to visit with Max and Ellen McKee, The Hall’s, Doc and his crew and meet some new people. Melissa Grow and her boy friend, Brooke Micelli and her family, Robin Selway and her barn crew, Connie Vansickle was there while Bruce and the rest of the crew were rocking the house at Circle G. Ross “the Original Hound Dog” Sovich was there for the evening too. You all know Ross he is the one that makes your horses feel good with a massage and rubby dub by here and there. Well last night he rubby dubbyed one in the wrong place and like a scene out of a Steven Segal movie Ros hit the ground, rolled and was back up on his feet ready to lay some kung fu moves on whoever was next.

The show got off to a little rocky start with timer issues but after persistence from the ring crew they got the timer working and the show rolled on, slowly but it rolled on. THE GROUND WAS GREAT! The VanSickles were all apraise for the ground as we understand it he is the reason that the ground is as good as it was. Through his dedication and just plain kindness over the past 3 years they have a great arena to have a safe show. We hear they are working on the center shoot (you have to enter the arena and run out to a closed gate) Bruce and Connie also provided the drag and water tank for the show. Thank you Vansickles. The parking was very accessible and a nice clean place to have a show. We also want to thank the Vansickles in advance as they are going to let us use their timer as a back up for the Best of the Best. Every show we go to we learn a little more about being prepared. This show notes to selves – back up timer MVP Show – Note to selves – Back up ink for the printer!

The All Ohio Show Horse Organization AOSHO put on a good show. Although most of us are used to barrel shows running fast and we all like things a certain way especially in OHIO! however this is the 2nd year for this show and they did a great job! It is nice to see the community utilizing the fair grounds in their county for shows, we wish we would see more of this in the future.

The $1000 ADDED class had upwards 70 horses and would prove to have some nice runs. The lights were turned on and personally I have not ran under lights forever and a day – BTW that was going to be my excuse if i knocked – Yep I had to use it! Dam it!

Ellen McKee and Brooke Micelli would have great runs last night. Earlier in the night Ellen would win the Adult Class! Way to go Ellen. Robin Selway would have a great run on Jim that would proof to be profitable. Melissa Grow would lay down a run that would have put her at the top but a slowly downed 2nd barrel would leave her with a No Time. John Stratton and Clark Grable would have a couple nice runs. The Duncan’s from the Coshocton area would show to have some nice mounts and good riders to go with it. But the winner of the class would be Reagen Stegner.

After spending the week in Georgia and giving it her all but having a little trouble out of state with her 2nd barrel they would travel home 12 hours, get home Saturday morning at 7am sleep a couple hours and head to the ZVille show! He Dad and Grandpa would be right there with her getting her ready and cheering her on. Grandma Bonnie would be smart and stay home to recoup! We missed you! With Reagan sporting a new Bob Marshall Saddle and breast collar. She would get her own horse ready – splint boots and all – and get to the arena for her chance at the $1000 added! With one quick right turn and two even faster left turns and a hurry home it would prove to be a smoking 15.5 run that would win the night! Congrats to the future Best of the Bester! I think you will see this little gal at WB in September running with Clea in a mean set of poles $1000 added poles Get those horses ready!!

We got a text from Heath Boucher – our Fav – that Sarah had taken 4th a Circle G! Congrats Sarah We also found out that Mike H won, Tausha S was 2nd, Barbie J was 3rd! 3 out of the top 4 will be running at the BEST OF THE BEST!! Sorry Mike but PA is a great state!

Remember 2 more weekends to qualify for the Best of the Best. Get your Pre entries and Stall money in – it is right around the corner!! See ya September 21-23 at WB Ranch!

Dawn and Clea

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  1. Good job again describing show so accurate. We had such a good time you both always make it so much fun. You made Max’s night!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See you Saturday and have a good week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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