Croton – Hartford County Fair 154 Years worth

Well it is Friday morning, raining (Thank God) and we are debating on what we are going to do. It is a morning I am not up at 5 and off to the office and a morning Clea doesn’t have to take care of all the critters alone. We gather the BOTB information from the mail box and process the daily paperwork still not knowing if we are headed to Croton.

The rain continues we are still uncertain – Dustin sends us a picture with the arena under water. Jenna Shirey sends the same picture with the caption “Ain’t gonna happen” so we say No Show – I head to the office and Clea is going to run some errands for the day. She gets back home an hour later and Dustin sends another picture… Arena is drying out… Jenna text me and says “it’s not looking bad” So all the work that I was gonna get done would have to wait til Saturday.

I get home we get the little trailer hooked up, Clea tacks a shoe on KC Jane and we are out the drive. NO dogs just horses. I am on the iPad finishing up a couple work items, writing up the Serenity Blog and have the Nelly Navigator GPS ready to go. We chat headed towards some black clouds thinking, man I hope it doesn’t rain. My Nelly Navigation skills are not real sharp today as we totally head the wrong way – because I am on the iPad LOL we get turned around headed the right way and all is good. Then…

We turn onto 657 and we are chatting Clea says “why more people don’t come this way is beyond me” I say “Why?” she says the other way you sit in traffic for hours. As we roll over the knoll of the hill “yep there it is 2 miles of traffic” We laugh, then we laugh more when we look at our gas gauge and it keeps going left. We leave the house at 217 miles to go and we get 60 plus miles down the road and now we 45 miles to go…. something is not right here. So finally get pulled in and parked and for anyone who has been to Croton they know it runs late. PROBLEM – Later than the fuel stations are open. SOLUTION – Dustin and Brandi Whitesel have an uncle on the fair board so we are able to get the fuel truck.

Next problem we have no cash.. That is right we have a debit card but no cash. Oh wait we do have cash Jenna and Brad brought our winnings from Serenity Acres and gave us 2 100 bills. OK so now we have no change so the Losers we are- we borrow money from Bill Watson to get our fuel from the fair man and we are ready to head home once we pick up our winnings.

Even though we have decided we are Losers! We are winners too! Chili took 3rd just behind Anne Johnson and Brad Shirey on Shrek! Brad got both Mission and Shrek in the money winning it on Shrek and getting in on Mission in as well. Annie and her sorrel horse would take 2nd. We were very proud of Chili Bug. KC Jane would also some in to the money. After kissing the fence at the 1st she would end up winning the 2D! Well worth the trip.

We also wanted to let you know to be on the look out for the dynamic dual of “The Whitesels” both Brandi and Dustin had awesome runs! Dustin and his paint horse Romeo are getting their groove on and Brandi and her new horse just keeps getting better and better. We look forward to seeing them in the BOTB in 2013!  Dustin’s run was so sweet even though he pulled over the first barrel.  Later in the evening – after his run you could hear Clea tell Brandi ” You got your self a real cowboy now” Brandi Replied “About Time”  then Dustin rolls in with this two cents ” Tell her honey – I am a cowboy I wear my spurs to bed!”  Several remarks come from the crowd that surrounded us.

All in all Croton Fair is a great place to run! If you ever have the chance to go there it is usually worth the drive. Cheap entry fees, great ground and it pays like a slot machine.

On the Road with Dawn and Clea

Til we meet again! Be kind to everyone!

Dawn and Clea

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