A Friend of a Friend needs a little boost!

This was posted on Becky Plummer Payne’s wall this afternoon –

Prayers for my lifelong friend: Denise Trembly Alessandri. She has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Rectal Cancer. It has spread to lymph nodes and lungs. If anyone would like to send her a card of encouragement, it would be appreciated. 2032 E. Street, Eureka, California 95501. Thank God she has Jesus in her life. She is only 60

Denise has Jesus in her life and we are sure he is holding her tight right now, but if you can spend 5 mins, a prayer and a stamp it just might make Denise feel that much better!

If you don’t have a card it is ok, get a piece of paper, an envelope and get something out to her.

Thank you for starting out your new year with love in your heart.

Thank you – Remember Be kind to one another.

Dawn and Clea

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