We are so excited to get the 2013 Best of the Best Show started.  We have the first thing that is needed for the qualifiers.  The rules!   Get your game on and your ponies ready here are the rules for running the Best of the Best.  Do you have what it takes?
The first team to get their qualifying form into us will receive one (1) free entry to the 4D Open – at press time there will be $3500 added to the 4D Open pot!
This year we will have 2 Wild Cards into the Best of the Best.  We will be looking for that team that is always just right there, that may have a knock knock issue or would be in, that has more want to than anyone out there but just could not get in the Top 3!   The BOTB committee (Clea and I ) will be choosing the 2 Wild Card Teams – We will be watching…
Keep an eye on the web for all the information, forms, pre entry and showbills – Sign up through your email on the front page of the website to receive email when a new post is up!
Get those ponies ready and we will be watching the results to see who is at the top of the list!
Enjoy everyday, be extra kind and love one another more than you did yesterday.
Until we see you again
Dawn and Clea.


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