Where Oh Where are the Thank you’s

Did you ever think you had put something in the mail only to find out later it was left in your car? Well, we did. For those of you who never received the THANK YOU from the 2012 BTOB I can tell you where they are………. and here is the story on how I found them along with a couple of other lessons in the post.

Saturday Morning, like every morning, we get up, drink our Body By Vi shakes, Clea gets on the treadmill and I do my 10 Min trainer video then we do our killer exercises together. We then get our day started with the norm: Clea heads out to get the barn work started and I kick all the dogs out so I can clean up the house a little before heading out – as I am doing the dishes I have a Blender Bottle that I make my shakes in on work days. “A Blender Bottle?” you ask. Well it is a plastic container with a metal whisk ball in the bottom so when you make your shake it mixes great and voila- you have a great shaken product.  Well, when you leave a Blender Bottle on the counter over night with milk in it, the milk will, without a doubt, spoil. So as I turn the top off of it I see the fermented milk and my gag reflexes turn on promptly. I turn to the sink to dump out- no, full of fresh dish water. I turn to the garbage – nope, just emptied it fresh bag. I turn to the door to head outside – nope, all the dogs are out (that then made me gag thinking of them licking it up then throwing up all over the place. SO, with all those options off the list, I of course turn to the toilet. I mean what is it going to hurt it is only liquid. So I pour it down the toilet, flush the toilet and think that is that- Thank Goodness. THEN, as I walk out of the bathroom I remember the wire whisk ball that just went down the toilet……OMG! What the hell was I thinking? My first thought was I won’t have my Blender Bottle for Monday. My second thought was “Man I hope that doesn’t clog the toilet YIKES!……..(save that thought)

Lesson 1 – Don’t throw things in the toilet before you think. ….

We get through all the mud and start on the barn to get it cleaned as we are taking our stall girl to OutBack tonight for dinner. Lynnie is going with us.  So, I head out to the car to get it cleaned out a little bit and there is a smell in there I am not sure what it is but it is NOT a good one. I sort of blow it off thinking the smell is outside, the warm weather the mud, the dogs, hell who knows- so I just ignore it and go about my day. We get everything ready to roll and we get in the car and we both are like something stinks. Lynn gets in and says “ummmmm I don’t smell anything” so we ignore it again. We have an unexpected guest Cathy G goes with us so we stop to pick her up and she gets in the car. Clea points out the little stench and Cathy says “Smells Like my Grandma.” We all laugh, crack a window and head to OutBack. We had a great dinner, good laughs and relaxing time.

We get home just in time to see The Bronco’s get beat by The Ravens. 😦 Peyton is still awesome and we still don’t really care for the Ravens. So, I go to the bathroom (all is well with the flush), we turn on the other game and then take care of the horses and put them to bed, say good bye to Lynnie.  I go to the bathroom again, and all of a sudden things are not ok. The water starts rising instead of going down. I say “Clea we have a problem.” She says “what is that?” from the back of the house I say “remember that Blender Bottle Ball?” She replies “Are you kidding me?”  She comes in the bathroom, we are both staring at the toilet saying “HUH well guess that didn’t completely go down.” She turns to me and says “Did Mom poop?” I say “How the hell am I supposed to know that?”  The water has since gone down so Clea flushes the toilet again and the water rises, I say “now, I wouldn’t flush that again or it will over flow.”  She then shuts off the water when the tank is half full. I am asking “Do we have a plunger?” We both scratch our heads because we both think we threw one out. She flushes the toilet again before it went down and I warn one more time “now I wouldn’t flush that again or it will overflow.” She turns the water back on and the tank fills up. We are waiting for the water to go down still wondering if we have a plunger; Clea pushes the handle down one last fatal time….. You guessed it… OVERFLOW! I said “I told you not to flush that again.” We laugh hysterically. We grab towels and whatever we can find and throw on the floor. Then she says “I’ll go look for a plunger.” Good Lord …I clean up the floor she is gagging (FOR THOSE WONDERING – it was only pee water and as many times as it was flushed it was just water) I put on my Patty Plumber hat and VIOLA! The Blender Ball is gone the toilet is working fine and all is good at G4. I am scrubbing up like I am going into surgery as Clea is about gagging thinking about me having toilet water on myself.

LESSON 2 – DONT flush the toilet over and over when it is backed up – it will overflow.

OR, listen when someone says “now, I wouldn’t flush that again or it will over flow.”

As I am doing that, I think “I wonder what is stinking in that car?” Then I think- maybe it is something in the trunk. I mean you can live out of the truck of my car if you had to for a week, at least. I think I will look in the morning to see but curiosity has the best of me so before heading to bed I go out to the car and open the trunk. I find nothing that would cause the smell but before I shut the lid I happened to see something that made me say out loud “Are you freaking kidding me?” I would come in the house and say to Clea “you are never going to believe this!”  (Save that thought)

Remember in October when we hit the $11,000 deer with the Cadillac? The one that cost us $11K that Nagy Auto Collision fixed up beautifully and won us a $75.00 – you hit the biggest deer and caused the most damage so you get a Buehler’s – gift card. Well the day after the big kill we put everything in the trunk of the car as Nagy’s showed up quicker than we expected, EVERYTHING INCLUDING the last of the Thank you cards from the 2012 BOTB! That is what caused me to say “Are you freaking kidding me?”

So for those of you thinking – can you believe those two jerks didn’t send us a Thank you card………OMG, we are so sorry, they will be on their way. We, of course, couldn’t do anything but laugh til we cried!

Until we see you again- be kind to everyone and love one another more than you did yesterday!

Dawn and Clea

P.S. I hope those cards don’t have that lil stench on them – because now it is cold and we still don’t know what smells.

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