The Kid with the Wild Mohawk who Rides his bald face pony Elvis like a King.

Orrville Junior High got it right when they named Adam Werntz Student of the Month.  If you have never meant this young man you are truely missing someone special. 

We knew Adam and his Mom Julie from the Wayne County Saddle club but recently spent a weekend with them at The Champion Center in Springfield Ohio.  Some of you may know his horse “Elvis” he is the bald face black wonder horse that his good friend Christina Scott used to own.  Well now Adam has exceled with him and I don’t think they will be seperated anytime soon. 

Adam gave all his credit to his Mom when being named Student of the Month and for being the young man he is.   You will see in the words below this is a Mom and Son relationship that puts smiles on faces. 

As told to us by his Mom – Julie Werntz – Adam started riding when he was 8. Believe it or not when he started riding the poor kid was bucked off and spent more time on the ground then in the saddle. Since then he has reversed that.  He has gone from ribbons to envelopes filled with mula.

For the past three years he has been a division winner at the Wayne County Saddle Club and also the Wayne County Fair. In 2010 he competed at the Wayne County Fair with a broken arm and had a cast on above his elbow and still won his classes. He is a never say never kinda kid.  In 2011, yes with the other elbow broke and a cast above the elbow he qualified for the state 4-h Show. Last year we decided to venture out (no broken limbs to date)  and started going to some NBHA shows.  { He is going to be one to watch in 2013. } He is looking forward to the 2013 show season.

If you get a chance to meet Adam, (the kid with the colored mohawk or crazy hats), you will find a kid with a great sense of humor, enjoys life, and has a passé to good at whatever he tries.   JW

One other little story that Julie told us about Adam – one day we went to the hollow and he came running around the trailer and said mom “honey is hot!” So I walked around the trailer to see what was wrong with her…and Adam lifted her tail and said look mom she is hot!!! Of course I busted up laughing and said you mean she is in heat not hot!!!  Sorry Adam but you know we had to put this in here. 

Clea and I agree Adam is an exceptional young man and we are very glad to know him and his Mom.  If you ever see them out and think to yourself  “that is that mohawk kid and his Mom!” stop and say Hi, introduce yourself and you will walk away with a smile.

If Adam keeps riding the way he is you might very well see him as a Best of the Best rider in September!  Clea can not wait til he can sit and throw a couple back with her and tell some stories.  

Thank you Adam for being who you are and Thank you Julie for raising such a great young man.

Remember be kind to everyone and love one another a little bit more than you did yesterday.

Dawn and Clea

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