BOTB 2013 – September 13-15 Awards, Big Added Money, State Battle and More…..

While we are getting ready for the Panty Raid 2013 at the Champion Center in Springfield Ohio our thoughts are also on the Best of the Best 2013. Feb 7 2013 we will be going to Marley’s Team Kick Off at UCP to meet some of the other children that YOU – any person who has touched the BOTB – have helped. We are very excited about this day.  Marley

We will have a full report about Team Marley and how they are all doing when we return.   To see more go to

We are also excited about the BOTB for all that will be going on that weekend. We will have more added money $$$$$$$$$ – Awards galore, more than last year. We will have jackets, belt buckles (prettier than last years Clea and I were not happy about those), Hats, Halters and much more… Oh and did we tell you that we are looking at upward of 7 to 10 saddles this year, that is right we are working on getting saddles for classes and BOTB and those Target Saddles that anyone can win. (we have a new system this year for that so we know who the winner is the first time BLAHAHAHAHAH)

We also want to say THANK YOU to Charlie 1 Horse they have already contacted us with a generous donation of 15 top of the line hats – all for the weekend of the Best of the Best….. Thank you will never be enough. They are rock stars. click here to see what hat you will be looking to win.

Did you also hear that there will be a State battle somewhere in there??? If you live in a State that borders Ohio you might want to keep an eye on our blog for all the details in the coming months. That is not all for all you gamblers out there keep an eye on out for more details.

We will have a flyer with more information out in the next couple weeks with the final showbill to come in the near future…

Until then Be Kind to all and love everyone everyday!

Dawn and Clea

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