A Little intel on the Target Saddle for the Panty Raid!

Here is the show flyer with a little extra info on the Target Race. We just changed the Blue Circle with info on the Target Race to make the pick of classes better. If you are stayng the weekend or only there for Saturday you can enter. We want everyone to have a chance to win. Good Luck

You have 3 classes to pick from Friday Night Open, Saturday Ladies Class or Saturdays Mens Class. We will know who the winner is at the end of the Open on Saturday. Good Luck to all!

Enter the Saturday Open, pick the class you want to be your Target Class in conjuction with the open, pay $15.00 at entry booth and be consistant…….. That is it and you can be in the running to win the saddle.

Panty Raid 2013 PDF 3.6

Be Kind to everyone and remember Love one another more each day.

Dawn and Clea

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