Stalls for the Panty Raid 2013

If you are headed to the Panty Raid April 12-14 and have reserved stalls please click on the link below to look at the stall list as a double check for your name and the number of stalls that you have requested.


The list is in Alphabetical order by last name or however you reserved the stalls.  Some where from messages so if the spelling is jacked up – well you know the history on the spelling with “On the Road with Dawn & Clea” blahahahaha Hell it might be jacked up even if we had it in front of us…

We have stalls assigned but with many changes and making sure we try our best to have everyone with whom they ask to be stalled with, we will not be posting your stall numbers.   HOWEVER you will be given those as you drive through the gate at The Champion Center when you arrive at the show.  So be prepared to stop as you come onto the grounds.

We can not thank you enough for all the stall reservations. Our initial thought was to have “a little spring show” for a kick start to the BOTB. If this is any indication on how the BOTB will be we are excited for the support already.

If you have changes to the number of stalls you want please contact us immediately at 330-592-5745 or 330-771-3205.

Remember be kind to everyone and love one another more than you did yesterday

Dawn and Clea

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