Another Ohio State Show in the Books

Another State Show in the books and what a great one it was.

This year the show would be at The Champion Center in Springfield Ohio.  In the years past it was at Circle G in Lewisburg and with the heat from last year and other factors it was voted for the show to be at Springfield.   There were a couple of complaints for the fees but you just cannot complain about the grounds, pen or anything about this place.  Like Circle G it is in fact a great place to show.  We did hear people say they loved being able to park where ever and it not be cramped but in the next breath – it is such a huge place you miss seeing people because of the size.   I was one of those people saying that.  I did manage to make a lill trip around the grounds before church Sunday morning to say hello to a few but  I think you miss a lot – i.e. Becky Wilburn’s Biker Barrel Race- and visiting with others but if that is the only complaint then I guess we are good.

It’s Thursday morning July 4th and after a very busy July 3rd getting the trailer loaded we think we are ready to roll.   The dogs are bathed this July 4th morning and they are ready to roll. With all the items loaded (much thanks to Lynnie for helping load all the gates for the show and working her butt off on Wednesday to get us ready) 4 horses and 2 dogs (would be 3 with our lil Stuckers RIP) we are hitting the road about 1 hour later than we wanted too, which is normal for us.

As we roll out the drive we are reminded that we are in Ohio- it is raining- but it was a good trip to the show and we arrive without any issues.

We are meant at the gates by Doc with our stall assignment and pointing us in the right direction.  We are stalled outside for this show as Ol’ Sparks cannot handle the pavement in the indoor.   We are a little worried about the rain but there was no need to be.  For as much rain as we got the stalls were great and the barn only had a little water in the entry way.  We get unloaded; horses settled and ready to start the weekend.

Clea and I are in charge of the gate set up so we head up to the arena to get everything set up.  We still have the gates and all the tools at the trailer but we have to access the situation.  We head back to the trailer Joe G gets his Dad’s truck to help with the gates and other items.  It almost took a turn for the worst….Enter the scooter.

“Scooter Scotty” AKA Tom Theado drove me to the arena on his mini Hog of a scooter – with the 7 ft poles for the gates on the floor board me behind him.  We revved up through the parking lot like our wheels were on fire but all that came to a screeching halt when we hit the arena dirt.  Scotty with his quick thinking nailed the gas and pulled us out of what would have been a very bad State Show beginning.  What to drive Scotty.   He would also find us later at the barn telling a few jokes, checking on things and with a mighty Hi Ho Silver would ride out of the barn on his back wheel.  That is til he hit the wet grass…. Dude keep it real, keep it on the ground.

Oh back to the gates…We had an idea how we wanted it then a couple other ideas were tossed around by Ben and BAM with the help of Tom, Ben, Joe, Keri, Hope and a few others that shoot goes up in 30 mins without issue.   That little job is done!  Well that is what we thought- but that is a story that is in the books and will not be told again.  Thanks to all who helped – it is all about Team Work!

We head back to get the camper situated and enjoy a little R and R.  It is then as I am putting things where they need to be I realize we did not grab the hamper full of clothes (the hamper full of clean clothes, which we had planned on wearing for the entire 4 day weekend.)  THANK GOD Lynnie is coming on Friday and can bring the hamper for of clean clothes.   OK so Lynnie brings the hamper but it is the empty hamper from the bathroom as she thought we only needed it to put dirty clothes in.  SO WE HAVE NO CLEAN CLOTHES- well that is not entirely true.  We have clothes in that were the camper that always stay in the camper.  Let me tell you this.  You have no idea how many pounds you put on until you have to wear clothes that have been in the camper for a year or better.   But we made it through – not well dressed but we made it through.

Thursday night would find us all enjoying a – yep you guessed it – rainy evening.  We were at Hickman’s and Craft’s trailer waiting for them to return to chat with them and while waiting Dustin, Justin and their friend Tim would find their way to us to visit.  Justin who is always a hoot would help himself to the food that was at the grill, the drinks in the cooler and it was only then did we tell him.  This is not our camper or food or drinks….He didn’t believe us until Noah Hickman arrived and then he believed us.  Oh how we laughed!  Noah told him to help himself and sat to chat with us.   Marcia – Justin’s wife would also find her way to us looking for their adorable better halfs.   Taylor and Annie would come for a visit and tell us a couple good stories and entertain all of us with a laugh or two.  Justin would entertain Clea with his dance moves (and it was not Gene Kelly “Singing in the Rain” type moves) until Clea decided he needed to stop and put a screeching halt to it- he was however able to sing as high soprano notes after that.  oops she is stronger than she thinks

Friday would bring on the show, a lot of rain but the show.  Not only  would it bring on the rain but it would bring Tommy Turnis out in full trench coat attire.  He would be dressed as if he were selling watches on the street corner.  With a Hey and a Good Morning it was clear Tommy was not selling watches but he was showing of something.  With a flash of his coat he would be holding his “little” dog – His little wiener dog that is.  Clea called him stewpit but we laughed like crazy fools especially as he did it to all that walked by.  blahahah Oh Tommy!  Stacy is proud.

With 326 entries in the open it was sure to be a great show and a long day.  Seniors would have 86 Entries and the Youth would run 119.  With over 1000 runs being ran through the gates this weekend to get to the finals there would be no room for delay.   No room for delay is just what was ordered up.  The show ran as smooth as possible and every aspect of the show was without flaw.   Our hats are off to everyone who had anything to do with putting this show on from the office staff to the riders.  The Announcer was great at keeping the show moving and letting you know where you needed to be and when.


With numbers like 16.069 to 16.137 the youth were burning it up at the State Show Goes.  Regan Henning and her lil’ horse Lucy and Jordan Burge and Reno would take the number one spots in the youth go rounds.   They would make it back to the finals for sure along with other talented Youth Riders that we will be sure to watch for at the Best of the Best in the near future.

The Finals would prove to be a nail biter to the end with 48 youth and their trusty horses to run it would be anyone’s game.  Jessica Blanton would take the lead at Draw 31 with a 16.236 and would hold it until Draw 42 with Perks Routine and Regan Henning would take their turn at the leader board.  Justin Theado would certainly give them a run for their money at Draw 44 with a 16.187 and Lexie Shipman with her Dad in the shoot helping her with every move would proof she has what it takes to be on top of the Youth in Ohio with a 16.243 and not far behind her in time would be Brandi Schnitkey with a 16.266.  But it would take a 15.911 from Morgan Henning and Heros Dashin Lady to take the title of Youth State Champion in 2013.   All in all it was a great one to watch!  Congrats to all the winners in all Divisions.

Congrats to Morgan Henning for the 1D win, Aaron Musgrave on the 2D title and Raya Augenstein on the 3D champ position.


It would be a man’s game in the finals for the Seniors but not in the Go Rounds.   From 15.921 to a 16.017 the Go rounds would belong to Chris Boham.  She would find herself at top the leader board in the Seniors with nothing but solid great runs.  Although her horse Amandas Little Reagen would not clock up in the finals like the 1st go of the race Chris should be dam proud of her placing’s and her horses.   Mike Hulsinger would take home a lot of dough for the Seniors Class Go rounds and have a lot of reasons to smile by the end of the finals.  Mari Lynn Taube would be in the Top 3 with each Go Round and find her way to the finals to run for the awards, glory and money!

At Draw 33 Nancy Adkins would take the lead and with the speed that Critter has she should be more than happy with her runs this weekend.  Nancy and Critter are a team that we always look for to cheer on to a clean fast run.  Critters legs go faster than a the eye can see at times.  With a 16.169 she would take the leader board and at the end of the run throw her arm in the air for a victory pump.  It was a great run Nancy.   Ellen McKee and her horse TVT Red Money would be right on the heels of Nancy and Critter with a 16.296.  Ellen and her horse would have great runs all weekend.  Mari Lynn Taube would stay in the top 6 for the finals with a 16.327 and Draw 38 Rene Hefner would change the leader board yet one more time with a 16.165 TALK ABOUT CLOSE.  Les Blum with Mickey would come in at Draw 40 and as they turned the 3rd we thought it would be a board changer as well but would be a very respectable 16.252 good enough for 4th place.  But it would be Jones is on Fire the renegade horse that Mike Hulsinger got years ago that would take the lead and keep it for the day to become the Senior State Champ in 2013.  They would run a 16.163 you talk about a close race.   Congrats to all the winners and anyone who competed, it was a great race.

Congrats to Mike Hulsinger 1D winner, David Norris for the 2D win and Bill Seal sealed the deal in the 3D with that win.

Then there was the OPEN…………..

Friday would find us about half way through the class before we ran.  We would have time to rummage through the trailer praying to God we had something decent to wear. We would be able to cheer a few people on before our run, worry about Peyton getting ready to run Sparks after we ran and then generally have a great time to watch the rest of the race as well as the seniors.  We would find our self’s with good runs our first go and excited about watching Peyton with Ol’ Yeller.  She did great on him, a couple barrels got in the way but he held his own and so did she.  Krack A Lot would grace us with his presence which we were happy about.  We had 10 people ask us on Thursday when he was getting there and another bunch on Friday   He is a popular fella.

Saturday would find everyone in reverse order which always messes about 50% of the people up – me included.  All weekend I was a drag ahead of the game (ask Peyton) as she walked through the door at the arena with Sparks I said “ how did he feel when you warmed him up?” She said “I haven’t yet” I said “well you are up in 3 horses in this drag!” Her eyes got as big as she grabbed her cinch and snugged it up, just then the announcer says the draw numbers and I quickly realize she is in the NEXT drag. I of course said “ I was just seeing if you were paying attention “   I was up there to early on Chili and it was like that all weekend until………

Clea’s Run.  Good Lord I was in the barn getting ready to get Sparks after I walked Chili off and Clea was on her way up to the arena which I said I will be right behind you with Yeller when all of a sudden I hear her name she is 3 up and I am in the outside barn.  I grab Sparks go running up there when about half way up there I am about to have a heart attack and die! SERIOUSLY I AM –  I see Tina Craft almost to the door and I stop bend over trying to breathe and say Tina, Tina  “Go help Clea” not that she wouldn’t of survived without me and got her bands on but …..OMG I was dying… I am so out of shape this fat girl needs to exercise.   As I round the corner (I DID NOT MISS HER RUN) Mari is there taking care of Clea and Shawnee.  As always THANK YOU MARI  YOU ARE THE BEST  I took a while to recover – a long while but survived.

Clea would start the fish fry near the end of the Open while Mari and I stayed to get Carolyn Korek around the barrels for a clean run.  She would almost bite it at the 3rd looking at Mari’s green shirt to long but it was a nice clean run.  Congrats Carolyn!

The Food was awesome thanks to all who stopped over for a visit and some good food.  Thanks for Ted Craft and his gang for sharing their food as well and getting the inferno started.  Beck, Aunt Carol & Homey for bringing so much food.  We were all sitting around chatting when Peyton pulled up on her scooter and Dr. Krack A Lot says “let me take it for a spin.”  Thinking he is Peter Fonda he rolls out of the camp site and down the street.  About 10 mins go by and he is back Clea says “well how was your ride” Easy Rider replies ” Awesome cute little thing to ride”  We go on chatting then about 15 mins later Joe and Kerri stroll over on their bicycles to check on Krack A Lot – it would appear as Easy Rider turned the corner he wiped out.  Oh Lord everyone terrorized him to know end.  Thanks for ratting him out Joe and Kerri it was a good chuckle.

After a night around the camp fire the morning would bring a beautiful start to the day.  I would find myself on a trip around the grounds thinking about my finals run on Chili (not that it helped)  and to say hello to some that we didn’t really see all weekend while I headed to Church services given by the Talented Eddie Gibson; always a joy to listen to.  His message was simple “Pray for everyone you can and as much as you can but Pray even if only once a day – start little to get a lot)  He would talk about being at bar long ago and just then he looked at Bridget Whetnall and myself….. We are still in wonder about that.    Thanks for a good sermon Eddie.

Later we would find ourselves at the arena to watch the FINALS!   With a good luck to everyone that we saw on the way to the arena we were in for some great runs at the 2013 Ohio NBHA State Finals Open class.

For those of you who missed it – We know Tom Cox, Ted Craft and Noah Hickman did NOT miss this.   The lovely Dawn McCartey would show that she could hold her own in Ohio and in fact she would have to hold her own in the finals run.  For those of you who know or don’t know Dawn she is the owner “Double D Bling” Tack. she had some bling going on in the finals that can be confirmed by the three men listed above.  As she was called into the arena her horse was giving her a bit of a problem, bouncing all over the place, jarring things loose where ever it went and causing some chaos.  As we watched from the stands behind tractors we would be cheering her on as she rounded the first.   As she rounded the second I said to Clea “oh Boy she’s got some Double D Bling showing” as she rounded the 3rd Brent Puhl couldn’t get the camera to snap enough pictures.  (We believe this is his new screen saver).  With the entire arena cheering and yelling for her (even after she crossed the timer line)  it would be the 6 eyes of Craft, Cox and Hickman that would have history forever etched in their brains.   Dawn may we suggest—tank-tops.  Just kidding  You are a ROCK STAR!  Just ask the boys.

The Open would prove to put nothing but excitement in the air. With Names like Shirey, Hulsinger, Watson, Henning, Palmer, Stewart, Bowser, Blanton, Cox and McQueen- just to name a few you could not help but know it was going to get a great race.

It would take to Draw 86 for anyone to reach into the 15.9’s but everyone run before this one was something to watch.  You have to love the anticipation of your loved one, friend, kid, family member or just a person you love to see run come up that shoot and give it all they have.

Jason Kiphart would run a 15.917 on his horse Maynard and hold the lead for the next 12 horses until Brad Shirey would enter the arena on his Pretty Boy Bullion AKA Shrek horse.  With 2 beautiful turns and a slight trip at the 3rd he would clock a time of 15.795 to a cheering crowd.  4 horses later Heather Palmer on Cowboy would burn through a set of cans to take the leader board at 15.757. – This was Clea’s pick to take the title of Champ home in 2013- Enter the arena Valerie Watson and Seis so Sweet – Val and Seis would blast up the shoot and she would be riding top notch with a time turned in of 16.019. Not enough to change the leader board but enough to make the crowd cheer and put a smile on her face.  Gabrielle Oder, Danielle Harrop, Chris Boham would all come in to try to take the lead from Heather but none would be able to match the 15.757 however they would turn in times that would put them in the Top 10.   Morgan Henning the young lady that was named the 2013 Youth State Champ just a couple hours before this run would come into the arena ready to try to take the Open Champ title as well.   Although her 15.843 didn’t get her the title of Open Champion it did qualify her for the Best of the Best by placing 3rd.  Brad Shirey would have one last shot on Mary Frances Gorsuch’s Grey horse Pay Strokin Memories to take the lead and would turn in a time of 16.069 and place 10th for the Open Finals.  With one horse left to see if Heather and Cowboy would take home the title – Kelly Stewart would come in on her old horse FIRSTCALLTILLTHEDRAW and lay down a respectable 15.906 to place fourth.    It would be Heather and Cowboy all the way this 2013 NBHA State Final Year.

Congrats to Heather Palmer for her 1D win, Mike Hulsinger for his 2D win and 2nd saddle of the weekend, Dustin Whitesel for his 3D win and Christy Bell winning the 4D

Thank you all for a lot of hard work and time that was put into the show.  We appreciate it greatly.  Until we see you again hopefully at the BOTB in September 13- 15 2013.

Becky Johnson is ready to win that Best of the Best Target Saddle- She ran 17.8** all weekend which got her in the finals and a beautiful headstall and other goodies.  Congrats Beck and thanks Helen Chambers for the shirt to wear and congrats on your fastest time ever on Julie Sunshine!  You both rock We love you!

Nina Shirey- We love you to the moon and back!

Hugs and Kisses to all and safe travels

Dawn and Clea

PS we never spade or neutered our dogs we are hoping for more puppies in the fall… you know right about the time for the BOTB! Good Lord!- But we can not wait to get another Stuckers!

Fun was had by all and we think that Jody Theado said it best for the Thank you to the entire team of people who put this show together.  From Jody’s Facebook page

I want to say a big THANK YOU to Cara Loder Kaufman and Laura Lambert and all the other state directors who put on such a great state show this past weekend. It is a massive undertaking that takes lots of time and work and effort. Matt Ewing did a great job announcing and kept the show moving along even while losing his voice. And Tom and Ben, well, what can you say about these two and their skills except they absolutely rock.  No horses fell down out of hundreds of runs over 3 days and they moved the show along quickly and smoothly. So if you get a chance stop and thank the people for all their hard work because if it were not for them and their efforts we would have no barrel races to go to. ills except they absolutely rock. No horses fell down out of the hundreds of runs over three days and they moved the show along smoothly and quickly. So if you get a chance, stop and thank these people for all of their hard work, because if it wasn’t for them and their efforts, we wouldn’t have barrel races to go to.

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