Great News for a Monday! 9 NOT 7 Saddles for the BOTB plus more…..

Well today is not your typical Monday GREAT NEWS for the people attending the Best of the Best September 13-15 2013 at The Champion Center, Springfield Ohio

First, Heather Hubbell-Johnson and Joe Johnson are giving Two free weeks at THRC for the Silent Auction for Team Marley. Its includes full board, Swimming 4 x per week followed by the Infrared Solarium and Theraplate Daily!  So if you are looking to bid on something here is a start- We have some wonderful items up for bid with all money from this auction going to Team Marley!   Thank you both for a great donation.  THRC will be at the BOTB offering up some vendor services as well and they are a jacket sponsor and get to enjoy the Sponsor Corral!   You two are still tops on our list.

Second, I called Cherie at Cactus today to check on saddles and see where we were…….. Yeah guess what well now we have TWO target saddles.  Count them 2 Target Saddles up for grabs and then a MYSTERY saddle for the young at heart as well.   That is a total of 9 Cactus Saddles.  Shirley Blauser and Becky Johnson you better get your game on.  Wait til you see what Cherie has in store for the designs. They are going to be beautiful!  Stacy and Becky  Your butts would look great in these saddles.

Third, Peyton Mae Theado is coming to the house for a week or so we are picking her up at The Cheesecake Factory where we will feast on calorie free food with the Theado’s!  Yes we will ride our bikes an extra few miles thank  you!

Can this Monday get any better? – Oh yeah work day is about over – Bonus!

Enjoy and tomorrow the Battle of the States Forms will be up!  Pennsylvania (gotta love me some Pennsyltuckians)  are you ready to rock the BOTB for 2013!  How about Michigan, Indiana, West Virginia, Kentucky  bring it on we are looking for a great Battle of the States and adding to that in 2014 as well.

Enjoy the week everyone

Until we see you again
Dawn and Clea

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