5-1-5-0 Somebody call the Po Po

The Walkups are racing to get to the Best of the Best.  With their Sponsorship in from “On the Rodeo Road” they will be doing it up right for the Pee Wee’s at the 5150 Po PoBOTB.  Thank you for the sponsorship ladies – The Sponsor Corral awaits – Run faster so the Po Po doesn’t get you!

We are getting stalls and pre entries in each day- Thank you.  Best of the Best Qualifiers get your paperwork in – the quicker we get those in the more time we have to do get all those goodies together for you.

All early entries are appreciated and that is from Clea, myself and any office staff/road crew at the BOTB. 🙂  Remember Stalls are Pre pay please get those into to us at your earliest convenience.

J Spivey Photography will be at the Best of the Best this year and he will once again be shooting from start to finish and he will have the webcast going.   We are hoping for fire up the interviews for the BOTB riders  and have some fun over all.

Best of the Best is around the corner.  From now til then we will see lots of great shows and events.  Don’t forget on August 2nd if you are near Negley Ohio venture on down to the Extreme Retired Racehorse Makeover at Simmons Equestrian Center- it will be fun for all.

Until we see you again – Love one another a little more than you think you do

Dawn & Clea

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