And the Winners are……

There will be 2 very happy ladies in Lexington Virginia at the Colonial Nationals tonight.   Congrats to Brandi Whitesel and Lisa Cline for topping the poll of the Wild Card Best of the Best 2013.  All the riders gave a good run and Lil Ms. Ellie Davidson we know we will see you next year.  You can show everyone at the BOTB, in the Open what you and Cliff are made of.

Jenna, Jason, Morgan and Rachel we are sure to see you at the top of the leader board for the added money to the Open classes and to take home one of 9 Cactus Saddles.

We thank you all for being part of Team Marley and being the Best of the Best.

Until we see you again,

Much Love

Dawn and Clea

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  1. Thank you very much for the opportunity! It’s a great way to get people involved and the wildcard feature is a great feature. Good Luck to the winners.


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