Senior & Youth added to Saturday BOTB

We have added 2 Side pots to the Saturday Open at the Best of the Best.  Side pots are fairly new to the Ohio area.  They are a race within a race. We like them and hope you will too.

It is simple  – You run the $5000 added Open on Saturday, enter the Senior Side Pot (50 & Over) or Youth Side Pot (18 & Under) and whatever your time is in the Open gets put in the Side Pot Time Slot and when the Open is over we see who won the side pots!

Ask Autumn Thompson she said – Oh heck I will enter the side pot – whatever that is – and she won it and $106.00 at the Panty Raid.   1 Run = 2 chances to win.

If you have already pre entered NO BIG DEAL Side Pots can be added at the show entry office before the Open Starts.   See or contact Dawn or Clea at the show for details

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