Average Race Contestants from the Panty Raid to the BOTB! Who will get the $2000


After the Saturday Open of the Best of the Best there will be 4 riders that take home $500 each.  That is $500 buck for a $10 chance!   For those of you who didn’t understand it or missed it.

We had a $2000 Average pot that you paid $10 bucks to enter.  You had to run the Saturday and Sunday Open of the Panty Raid.  We would then bring those times to the Open on Saturday of the BOTB and the 3 times will be average together and there will be a winner for each division – in a 4D format!

We will release the close race and who is leading a little later tonight!

If you are at the Panty Raid in 2014 watch for the Average Race or whatever other race we have going on and if you are not sure what it is- just ask us we will be glad to explain it.

Good Luck in the Open on Saturday
Dawn and Clea

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