1. Keystone Classic here in Eastern PA has a 5D payout and last year had a daily average of 220-250 in open. Youth payout is 4D and Master(over 40) is 3D. they also give out year-end awards to 5 places. saddles, buckles, halters, jackets,breastcollars… they are 2 day shows with $2500 each day. the 5D payout has increased participation by 30% and we anticipate even more next year. not everyone has a 1D/2D horse or can even ride one. 3D is the largest division, and when you add the 1/2 sec splits, more youth and senior/masters will cross over into the open class.


    1. Thank you for your input and I agree 100% on the 1/2D. We are certainly thinking of how to make the show the best for all. Thank you again


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