BOTB 2014 – OMG wait til you hear this……….

Well remember when we told you about the BBR (Better Barrel Races) and we told you we sanctioned our Panty Raid Opens and the BOTB Opens as double qualifier shows.  We said all you had to do is be a member of the BBR run the Opens in our 2 shows and you would qualify to run at the BBR World Finals.  THEN…….

We also mentioned that we were going to try to get the BOTB as a Regional Qualifier which adds more money to the Open as a side pot.  This sidepot is  for all the BBR members PLUS there are award packages (you know how we love awards) NOW this is on top of the BOTB Awards………

WELL you all better save up your money to get your BBR membership at the Panty Raid because the BOTB is now a BBR Regional Qualifier Show! That means on top of the current  $6000  that will be added to the BOTB Saturday Open there will be a minimum of $4000 added for all BBR Members!  That would be $10,000 added money you would be running for in the Open if you are a BBR member!  OMG I am so excited Saddles Galore!

How about that for some Thursday Evening News………… we will be giving you more details about all the other goodies to come.  In the mean time you can see more about the BBR at

Until we see you in April or before then

Love one another a little more

Dawn and Clea

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