We could use a little help at The Panty Raid –

Although The Best of the Best is our charity event and The Panty Raid was just a lil kick starter show 🙂 – This is the 2nd Annual Panty Raid and this show is from us to you.  We have had several people ask if they can sponsor and our response is always “Save it for the BOTB.”  We appreciate the willingness to sponsor and, hell, someday we might have to say “Yes, Please!” but for now we say Thank You and please put it towards the BOTB and Team Marley.   HOWEVER……..

We are going to ask something of everyone coming to the show that can lend a hand.  The Grows – Our sweet friends and huge supporters of Team Marley – have found themselves in a position that no parent wants to be in or see their child be in.  Roger and Keaton

Keaton John –  Keaton has been diagnosed with Williams Syndrome – a genetic condition that is present at birth and can affect anyone.  It is characterized by medical and cognitive problems, including cardiovascular disease among other medical issues.   This is a beautiful little boy who was born in May 2013 and in Dec 2013 had open heart surgery.  He came through his surgery like a champ thanks to all the prayers that everyone sent.  The prayers were appreciated and they were answered without question.  Keaton will undergo more medical treatment and a very good possibility of more surgery.  With ongoing medical expenses, we are sure that this family could use a little help from a friend or a lot of friends.

On April 19th, in Pennsylvania – home of the Grows – there will be a spaghetti dinner and a Basket Party held at the St. Michael’s Fire hall. (For those of you not from Pennsyltucky, you know when there is something held at a fire hall 1.) It has to be good and 2.) You can bet there will be people there to help!)  We would like to help out this family.

Keaton March 18We are asking that you help support The Basket Party at The Panty Raid.   If there is anyone coming to The Panty Raid that can make up a basket – any kind of basket – that can be sent back to Pennsylvania to be auctioned off at The Keaton Basket Party Fund Raiser – it would be appreciated.   You can bring the basket to The Panty Raid Entry Booth and we will make sure that it goes home with The Grows.

The entire Grow Family will be attending The Panty Raid including little Keaton.  We are more than excited to see them.

Thank you all for your anticipated help- we love you all and can not tell you how much we appreciate each and everyone for your support big and small.

Love each other a little more each day- it matters.

Dawn and Clea




  1. Thanks so much Dawn and Clea for doing this for Keaton! It is appreciated by all of us. You guys are the greatest!! See you in a couple weeks. You better have your dancing shoes on.

    Love Terry and Shana

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  3. marco,"most scenic" is in the eye of the beholder, but gregory canyon to the ranger trail is the "easiest" and the open canyon and then ridge line offer lots of nice views. when you run up Amphi-Saddle Rock-Greenman (the "front" side) you're in the trees a bit more but there are still great views.stubert,doing laps on green i usually head up the front of green and then down ranger/gregory, so the "bottom" is the gregory canyon parking lot, maybe 100' or so higher than chautauqua.


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