Breana and Spot are hoping to be SPOT ON in September

Last year we tried with every inch of our being to get all the interviews up we just simply ran out of time – this year we had a little earlier deadline and Breana we got yours and your interview up!

BreLet me tell you about this lil blonde bombshell, she ran 6th out of the top teams in Ohio, she took the lead at horse 12 and held it until the 19th horse, she made a great showing at the BOTB.  Breana you were so worried about not thinking you should be in that race.  You my dear were mistaken.  Glad you are back for another shot!

Breana will tell you in her interview that her most memorable moment with her and her horse was at the BOTB last year.  I must confess Bre that is my most memorable moment of you as well.  I can not count the number of times over the past year you brought a smile to my face thinking about that smile of yours headed up the chute and the bigger smile and tears at the end of the run.  Clea and I talk about it often and say “remember when….”

Welcome back and we are so happy you went to Byesville and came out on top!

The Best of the Best will be shining bright with the Qualifiers for 2014 – Read a little about them and what they have to say about their horse, favorite arenas and the people who inspire them the most.

BOTB Qualified Rider Breana Hemsley  Out of Rutland Ohio

What is the name of your horse?  Spot

When and Where did you qualify for the BOTB?

The Race was on 7/4/2014 and held at Hilltop Arena, Byesville Ohio

What are the bloodlines of your horse? Spot is an unregistered horse but his Sire is Ima Smokey Hat and his Dam is Penny R Leo

Can you name one or more people who inspire your riding?  I dont’ think that I could ever be able to pick just one person that inspires me.  There are so many people that have inspired me over the years and I know without the combined influences from all of them I would not be where I am today. (editors note LOVE)

What is your best memory of you and your horse as a team?  The best memory I have is when Spot and I ran last year at the BOTB.  My run was incredible but what meant the most for me was the support that I got before and after I came out of the pen.  Not only was I crying from being happier than words can express

What is your favorite arena and why is it the one you like the most?  My favorite arena is Hendersons.  I have always considered this my home pen.  I have celebrated most my birthdays there and more amazing runs than I can count.  Also the food is great. 🙂

How long have you had the horse you qualified on?  I bought Spot as a 5 year old in 2006. This makes the 8th year we have been a team.  I can’t believe how fast my time with him has gone.

Do you have a favorite song you like to hear before you enter the alley way to make a run?   Pour Some Sugar On Me- Def Leppard.  We ran to this last year at the BOTB and it brought us some pretty good luck!

Watch for Breana, Spot and a smile so big to be running up the alley way at the Best of the Best!

Thank you ON THE RODEO ROAD For sponsoring the BOTB Again this year!

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