Tina and Red are a Crafty pair coming into the BOTB for the first time!

The Money Doctor (ECSIF Stallion) will be proud to know that his boy Red Rocket Bully is getting it done with his pilot Tina Craft!  They have been lighting up the arenas and ready to head to the BOTB to show off their talents.

Tina can not wait for her introduction as a BOTBer!  Editor’s note I am lying she absolutely does not want to walk out in front of people

The Best of the Best will be shining bright with the Qualifiers for 2014 – Read a little tina 2babout them and what they have to say about their horse, favorite arenas and the people who inspire them the most.

BOTB Qualified Rider Tina Craft  Out of Wellston Ohio

What is the name of your horse?  Red Rocket Bully

When and Where did you qualify for the BOTB?   The Race was on 7/25/14 and held at Circle G

What are the bloodlines of your horse? Sire: The Money Doctor   Dam: Poof She’s Magic

Can you name one or more people who inspire your riding?  My husband TedTT2

What is your best memory of you and your horse as a team?

Any time I get to spend with him is a gift

What is your favorite arena and why is it the one you like the most?   C Bar C   It’s an awesome facility, great ground, friendly people Editors Note: And a good Mexican restaurant

How long have you had the horse you qualified on?  Since he was a yearling, and he’s eleven now

Do you have a favorite song you like to hear before you enter the alley way to make a run?  Anything by Kenny Chesney

Watch for Tina and Red Rocket Bully to run up the alley way at the Best of the Best!

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