Liz Michael and To Famous To Kill 2016 Roadies Champion and more…..

The high point winner and 2016 Roadie Champion, who will have her spot on the side of the “On The Road” Trailer is none other than one of the best barrel racers in Ohio and the business Ms. Liz Michael and To Famous To Kill – She wasn’t sure about having all those Roadie points lowered to just 35 going into the finals but she kept her lead and took home the win.    That is one of the great things about the program – everyone has a chance and it is a race to the end.  The Roadies Program paid out over $16,000 with the 3 $1000 select show side pots, the Finals and the Youth, Tweener and Senior Sidepots (winners will be posted this week)  All of this for no additional fees other than your membership cost.

We congratulate Liz and To Famous to Kill AKA Fame on her 1D Roadie Championship as well as her BOTB Slot Race Qualifying spot. Although her and her equine partner didn’t have the run they wanted in the Slot Race they certainly were not disappointed in the Roadies Finals.  She took home the buckle and Roadie win and over $650 for her Open Roadie efforts and the Tweener coins!

Heather Palmer would have a good weekend on Cowboy and stay in the top 10 to become the 1D Reserve winner.  Chad Walker and Junipersfirstreward would remain among the top to take the Top 3 Spot in the 1D.  He said he was nervous as all get out but sure was smiling when it was all said and done.  Chad and Adam are 2 of the most thoughtful and caring guys you will know and we thank them for their dedication to the Roadies and to always helping when it comes time to serve up the meals.  Chad was not alone in the Top 3 Spot he and Nicole Fields on her little palomino would hold those honors too.  Nicole is having a great year on her little powerhouse she calls Winnie.  Bert Thompson – 2015 Roadie Champion – was not far behind the Top 3 on her 2 steeds.  Katie Kirila who has been kicking some but at the “On The Road” shows stayed in the Top 10 on her little horse Hustler,  Jeanie Bowersock who had to have a last minute horse change may have dropped her rankings but also stayed in the Top 10 for some 1D Roadie money.  Rhoda Carnahan, Megan McCauley and Raegen Stegner would take the last spots of the 1D Roadie money and finish out the year in the Top 10. Congrats to all the 1D Roadies and their trusty equine partners.

Alexis Zendt and Junior would kick butt in the 2D and take the title 2D Roadie Champion home along with a set of stirrups and over $500 for going down the road to the next show.  Danielle Leydig (who is now Mrs. Landon Truax – Congrats )  and Coz would not be far behind to take the 2D Reseve winner and Cindy Harlan on Pistol and Kelly Lutz on Molly would take the Top 3 honors to split the winnings and take home over $300 each.  Our lil Hannah Puskarich would stay in the Top 10 for some checks on Rita Chex and one of our BOTB Qualifiers Colleen Hershey and her amazing horse Hobbys Back in Black AKA Jazz would take home a Top 10 placing as well.  Tausha and Ted would hang in for some cash and Tausha would love being back in the saddle with her boy.   Places 8-10 would prove why being a Roadie pays. These riders keep enough points to hold onto the Top 10 for more mula without adding points at the show.

Ashley Schuetz and her faithful horse Vinnie won her the 3D Roadie Championship and a beautiful pair of stirrups from Desert Rose.  Ashley and Vinnie are a magical pair like unicorns and mermaids.  Heidi Hickle and her hubby endured the heat at the BOTB to bring home the reserve 3D Championship despite having her other horse “Buggs” on her mind all weekend.  Jaime Tracy would stay in the Top 3 upon Abby – which she may be loosing to her daughter Josey very soon – Shugie was in the Top 5 on Ol’ faithful Sis and split those winnings with Adam Guiste – our OTR waiter, and our friendly postal worker Deb Walters and The Farmers Tan – Tanner. Zan Zuki carrier Mackenzie Miller to a $115 win and one of our BOTB Qualifiers Ashley Harlan and Dakota would take home the same.  Amanda Thering and Wesly would stay in the Top 10 and our buddy and all round great guy Heath Ratcliff would round out the 3D taking home some coin on Wheels.

Mike Marone did not have a monkey on his back when he took home the 4D Roadie Championship as a matter of fact he was riding Bugtheredman AKA Monkey when he took home over $300 and a beautiful set to stirrups from Desert Rose.  This guy was a great sport and we sure enjoyed you at the show.  Anna Newell not only got the Reserve Championship in the 4D but also did well in the Open on Saturday and will be receiving a Chrome Girl Headstall for her efforts in additional to a couple nice pay checks .  Our own Morgan Guido and her horse Sassy would round out the Top 3.  Proud of you girl.  Carrie and Ghost would not spook away from the money that was to be won and Tom Walter and Ol’ Red would round out the Top 5 would take home some coin for enjoying a night out on the town.   Lynda Recktenwald zipped along on Dust for Prints AKA Zip for $132 payday and Steve Wright held his points strong to win the same.   Debby Hagan who now understands a lot more about The Roadies and the BOTB took home some pocket change and said she will be back as a Qualifier.  We look forward to it Debby.   Part of our Bean Snapping Dynamic Duo Crew and Our Hero Marilyn Lanning and Miss Bee stayed in there for a paycheck and a Top 10 win.  The other part of that dynamic Crew duo Donna Shoemaker and Ziggy didn’t zag away from staying in the money and Megan Bash had an Ace in the hole to round out the 4D.

Our 5D winners were kickin some but all through the year.  McKenna Shellhammer (Grandaughter to Gary Deemer – one of our BOTB Qualifiers) was singing ” Johnny Be Good” upon her boy Call Him Cash – AKA Johnny who took her to the win of the 5D Roadie Championship.  Her picture shows the use of a whip that it is so old it is new!  I can remember riding like that on my old horse Sir Joe 7.  Ahhhhh those were the days!  Morgan Thomas and Hank the Tank took the Reserve Spot and Angelica Koffman and her horse Nova took the last spot in the Top 3.  She also stayed in the Top 10 with her other steed RC Fly me to Paris.  These finishes for Angelica might of been due to those cool sheet that they used all weekend on Nova and RC Fly me to Paris that kept her horses running so good. We needed those in the office!!     Roxanne Charles – not knowing what she was getting into being a roadie – so last minute, thanks to her friend she got on her Panama Stone and hit the road to the BOTB, they would be in the Top 5 and have a blast, well she ask not as much heat next time 🙂 .  Dave and Toni Hayhurst would remain in the Top 10 and dispite Toni’s little mare and her self being a little under the weather they both pulled though to take home some money.  Toni was noted saying ” I ran 3 times and stayed in the Saddle”.  We call that a good day for us too Toni!  Chelsea Hinerman who almost didn’t get to make the BOTB but in the last minute of entering, her Momma made sure she got to the show.  Good thing she would take home some money and have a great weekend to boot. Michele Waldo that lady of a peach – Peach Sangria that is – and her horse Pepto managed to stay in the Top 10 to take some coin back to New York and try it all again in 2017.  Abigail Sebree would finish up the 5D standing tall while riding her mount Oakley.

We want to congratulate all the Roadies who will be receiving a check and those who held onto a Top 10 spot through out the year.  If you have shows in your area you want to OTR or BOTB Qualifier approve it is easy to do.  Just look under On The Road Organization for the forms.

We will be posting in the next couple weeks about some changes for the Roadies Finals and a few updated items to the membership/rules – This year we had a true finals all based on your points without it being a trailer hauling contest.  As one person commented on the Roadies post from the other day – it went really well but needed a little tweaking because of people who didn’t come to the finals.   We couldn’t agree more but we certainly could not do it mid stream – but we are listening to and have listened to all the input to date and welcome it for the future.   We appreciate all the input and all info on the Roadies Program as it is designed for you the contestant!   If you are looking to get your shows approved remember get them in early as we try to make sure the Roadies shows are not on top of one another as far as distance so the producers putting up the money in the Open benefit from the approval.

With a few new Roadie Sponosors we are hoping to bring more money and some nice awards to the 2017 season!  Make sure to get signed up if you are headed to a Roadie Show.

Again Congrats and we are looking forward to Liz and her super horses in 2017 seeing if she can repeat the Championship!   Again Congrats to Liz and To Famous To Kill and we look Forward you running in the Slot Race in 2017.

Dawn and Clea

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