15 Years Later – We Remember

I am sure we are no different than everyone else who is remembering this horrific day 15 years ago.  We both can remember where we were, what we were wearing and how we felt and how our hearts dropped as the towers fell.  My Daddy used to say the same thing when talking about JFK, he would tell of coming up Grandma’s stairs and into her house to tell her what he just heard on the radio and how she was sitting at the kitchen table crying that she already knew the news.  I knew what he was feeling and how you can not forget something so life changing after 9/11/2001.   Every year both Clea and I, on the 11th of September at some point in the day remember those details and realize how so many gave their lives to save another and how so many families are forever effected by this day.

We hope you all take a moment today to remember the fallen, pray for those family members that remain and be so thankful for each day we are allowed to do what we love in the name of freedom.

Remember to be kind to one another and love a little more each day – it matters  

Dawn and Clea 

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