Kindness Matters Then & Always

9/11 is a day that is in all of our memories. That day, 15 years ago, a beautiful friend of mine, Patty, was traveling for work and trying desperately to get home to Pittsburgh and could only get to Cincinnati as all flights were grounded – her voice on the other end was of panic so without a thought at 9 PM I headed out for a 5 hours drive to get to her.
As it turned out there was a gentleman on the plane with her who was headed to Pittsburgh as well and wanted to get home with his new baby and wife. I can remember on that day the uncertainty of it all. Of course I said YES we can get him home. He can stay at the house we will get him home in the morning.
We all laughed as he wasn’t sure not to be scared about getting in the big dully pickup with 2 county girls or us to be worried we just picked up a stranger.  Then we laughed more as I said “No worries Denny, My Dad never meant a strange nor have I, Patty replied True Story”   We all had tears in our eyes as we were heading home feeling a bit safer, even with strangers.
That stranger became someone I think of periodically and someone I hope to see again in this lifetime after reading his email this morning I would love to meet his daughter/family. (the last pic I saw of Elizabeth was when she was 1 on a Christmas card)
As Clea and I always say “Kindness Matters”
Denny sent this email to me this morning……..
—–Dawn, how great to hear from you! I sent a note to Patty yesterday and asked her to pass on my regards. I seemed to have lost your email address. Anyways thanks for reaching out.
I have a 15 year old daughter (Elizabeth) who was just 8 weeks old on that fateful day. However on 9/11 each year she always wants to hear my/our story again. We sat on her bed last night and told it once more. I would dearly love for you to meet her someday (soon). Although she doesn’t know you she feels she does and accordingly she holds your name in high regard!
As for me, I remain blessed. Since 9/11/01, Lisa and I had a son, Liam who is now 12. Also my oldest daughter has blessed me with three grandchildren. I still keep busy with consulting work and I also teach a Finance class at Pitt Greensburg. In fact, under the theme of “never forget”, I told them my 9/11 story just this morning. I can NEVER get through without choking up. I love you for what you did.
Have a Blessed Day and enjoy every minute of it
Dawn and Clea

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