On The Road Winters Series

We hope everyone had a great time at the IBRA Nationals this past week.  It was great to see all the post on Facebook and as always a BIG thank you to Brent Puhl for always keeping the ones who can not be there up to date through the WebCast.   
For those who want to keep their horses running through the winter or want to get the young ones out  – We are going “Half Baked” for the winter. Hell I think we are half baked at times no matter what the season but that is another story. 
The Champion Center, who has been good to us for the past few years, ask us to help with a 3 show winter series at Springfield.  We thought about it and thought well why not, it will have radiant heat(that is a constant heat thoughtful the entire arena and stalls), once you come in you don’t have to go back out (well your horse anyhow) as we will have open arena between classes, Clea will be demonstrating her DJ skills on Friday and Saturday Night 

and we are looking forward to a relaxe atmosphere, no swinging gates, no pre entries and just a nice weekend.  Payout will be at the show and when we leave Sunday we are all wrapped up til the next one.  We will have Roadie Specials, a little something for ECSIF horses and some winter series goodies at the end of the series.  We will have the full showbill up this week and as of right now there will be over $3000 added at each show!   Watch for details – we look forward to spending the winter weekends with you all and having time to visit! 

Best of luck to all headed to Congress enjoy the 50th Anniversary and this great weather we are having. 

Looking forward to 2017 and have a great end to 2016

Dawn and Clea

Full schedule is at https://otrroadie.com/on-the-road-organization/show-schedule/

Remember for all updates on the Blog and any changes to any of the shows just sign up at the bottom of the page to receive an email each time a post is made from the Blog.  Of course you can always watch our Facebook Page for all information as well.  Find all info at www.ontheroadwithdawnandclea.com 


  1. R changes in the works on how the roadie finals will be ran this year…it’s a lot of traveling and a lot of money to go and participate at all the roadie shows if the way the finals are ran are not going to be changed once again it is not fair for someone to collect a check sitting at home during finals it is still unfair that u can win your division during your finals run and not win a darn thing for that other than 7 points….


  2. Hi Anita – Well this was out FIRST Roadies finals and as we said after the finals we thought is needed to be tweeked and we will do just that. – We have been discussing it since the show and will have the new rules up soon and what changes we are making. As always thank you for your input. Please keep an eye out for the info and if you are not already signed up to get emails when we post about the shows please do by going to the end of our page and complete the following info and you will get all that via email. Thanks so much Dawn and Clea


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