Stalls for Half Baked December Show 

Below is the list of riders with stalls for the Half Baked December Series – If you need to make any changes just shoot us a text or change it at the show.   You will need to come to the show office to get your stall assignment, pay for your stalls and get your shavings.  Everything will be done at the show office.

Exbos will be sold at the office with our normal sign up sheets.  You must pay cash or leave an open check at time of sign up or exbos.

We will have barrel and pole exbos on Friday and Saturday – Barrel Expo will be first both days then poles.

Move in is at 2 PM or after on Friday the 9th.  Office will be open at 2 for stalls and sign up.

You can sign up to be a Roadie at the show.  Just ask for details at the show office.

Tie out tags can be purchased at the office.  You may not tie out over night you must have a stall for all overnight horses on the grounds. 
Ballard Larry 3

Bash Megan 1

Blauser Shirley 2

Bookman Margret 1

BrownShawna  2

Brunk Danita 2

Caplinger Kim 1

Clasgen Morgan 2

Clemons Megan 4

Cline Lisa 3

Cox Jennifer 1

Creech Jenny 2

Cunningham Cherri 2

Fath Joy 1

Flickenger Lexie 3

Freeman Terri 3

Forrest Terri 2

Ganger Crystal 1

Geary Cathy 1

Givens Chuck 3

Green McKaelyn 4

Guido Mari 2

Harper Jeff 2

Hartzell Makenna 3

Haskins Crystal 2

Hayes Marla 1

Johnson Becky 1

Jones Sheila 3

Koffman Angelica 2

Kremin Allison 3

Kushion Brittney 4

Lafferty Tammi 2

Lutz Kelly 5

Maul Marti 1

May Konnie 2

Meade Cara 2

Menker Samantha 3

Miceli Brooke 1

Minor Morgan 3

Mitchell Sarah 2

Moon Aaron 4

Mullany Carrie 3

Penlands Beth 4

Pollard Lauren 5

Raynes Deahanna 1

Rideout Hannah 3

Seder Mandy 3

Shirey Brad 6

Shoemaker Donna 1

Shoemeyer Gene 1

Stoneman Shug 2

Stoney Lexie 1

Stoops Mindy 1

Stowell Brittnay 5

Tavoletti Alyssa 2

Taylor Arthur 1

Ternes Stacey 2

Trent Hope 1

Us 3

Vantilburg Baily 2

Wagner Janis 4

White Cheyenne 1

Williams Chelsea 2

Wolfe Brooke 1

Zanelle Phil 3

Zendt Dawn 3

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