Stalls for Panty Raid 2017

CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW the updated stall list for The Panty Raid 2017

2017 Panty Raid Stalls 3-11-17

As of 3/6/17 we are NOT buying stalls back –  If anyone has stalls for sale please post on the Panty Raid 2017 Event Page – should we hear of any for sale we will get in contact with anyone on the waiting list first.

• You will have to try to buy stalls on the event page or our Facebook page by watching who has them for sale.
• If you buy a stall it will remain in the name of the original person who bought the stalls.
• Remember If you are not on this list and you sent in for stalls then you were on the waiting list.
• If you sent in a money order and were on the waiting list we have sent you back a check
• If you were on the waiting list and you sent a check or cc info we will / have put those in the shred!

The Stall Fenzy Check In will be here before we know it.  Remember if you are coming to the stall trailer and need a favor, have a problem, are gonna make the stall office gals pull their hair out PLEASE bring alcohol – it will help.  🙂

Any questions, issues or anything please let us know

Remember – Life is short – live it to the fulliest!
Dawn and Clea


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  1. She is sent in app for Shonney Murphy did not know about open let me know if this is ok will pick up check Thurs or Friday AM only entered sidepots please cancel sidepots and leave her in peewee with a diff horse already stalled with Alexis Bixler horse named Baby


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