End of the Half Baked and onto The Panty Raid

From the start of the first horse running up the alley to the last time the fire alarms rang it was a smoking hot barrel race and WOW what a way to end the Half Baked winter series!  It was a kids weekend to say the least with Casey Allen, Summer Pauly and Caleb Cline laying down some winning runs. They have winning on their minds.  When any of these kids enter the arena you all better be paying attention to see how it is done and what you have to beat.

Summer seems to be a winning name these days Summer Pauly and Summer Shafer made some serious statements over the weekend Summer Pauly winning the Sat Open with a 15.554 and Summer Shafer with the fastest time of the weekend in the Sat Adult Class with a  15.477.  Ms Shafer would have kicked that time out the door for her 15.268 on Sunday but knocked over 55 gallons of “argh”.  We haven’t had a chance to check but that very well could be in the top 5 times at any of our shows.  

ECSIF_transparentECSIF horses where on it to say the least and hopefully prepping for the 1st ECSIF slot race Jason Kiphart on top of a Justin’s Rare Fuel offspring Rare Jet Fuel was not backing down and gave those kids a run for their money finishing 2nd on Friday and a 2nd place finish on Saturday. 

Roadies were among us with over 65 Roadies listed on the sheets and some new entries that pot is growing.  If you have not signed up to be a Roadie then you will be missing the $1000 sidepot at each of our shows and you will be missing out on over $15,000 at the end of the year!

We cant thank Aunt Carol, Uncle Al and all the crew for getting the food ready and making sure we have all we need.  We love cooking food, listening to music, having some cocktails while watching a barrel race.  Dean Meadows never disappoints and he will be sure to be just as amazing at The Panty Raid on Friday and Saturday Night.   We do want to give a shout out to our barrel setters who never miss a beat.  Mr. Russell who is just amazing, The Crew at the 3rd barrel with the leader of the pack Josh setting the barrel Giddy Up Style and Big Bad Bob Conkle on the 2nd barrel.  It was touch and go for him to get there but Barb and Bob didn’t disappoint and made it to the last Half Baked show.  BJ McCann for being where ever we needed him. We thank Adam Guiste for the help at the 2nd til Bob got there, he had front row seats while eating 11 plates of food but managed to set that barrel with style.    Thank you to all the other helpers in the poles and barrels.  A special shout out to the best pole setter Chris Hayes-one word – Rock Star!

Fun was had by all and some fun was the giggle we all got with the lil mishap that happened when Karla Arthur turned in for a nice warm night of rest nuzzled into her sleeping bag then found out that Ms Mari’s trailer was down one more.   Much to the owner and his wife’s surprise as much as Karla’s surprise she was in the wrong trailer.  We are sure this will be a good reminiscing story for the years to come.  If you need a play by play talk to Trish Shafer and Margaret Ball you are sure to be laughing after that conversation.  Love those two!  You might also ask Matt Boice who is The Half Baked Wheel Barrow Champion is?  That is right Big Boy Boice!  

All in all the Half Baked 1st year series is in the books and we will call it a success.  From our great announcer Ms. Mari, to the best damn time writer out there Ms. Barb Conkle and an office staff that is none other than amazing Julie W and Connie V.  Shugie and Ms Donna for being so flexible and kiss butt workers. The Ground crew that stay on the steady til the job is done and everyone else who had a hand in making the show series a success.

Game Time LogoThe Vendors who came to show their deals and talents.  Game Time for being on site to help our equine friends.  If you are looking for a quality vet you don’t have to make a special trip to vets office just get with him at any of our shows and they will fix you right up.  Find more info at GAME TIME

Thank you all who attended to make the series great and we may see you again next year for another Half Baked idea of a barrel race.  We will be posting all the results this week and get the Avg, Roadies and ECSIF checks out as well.

Until then we will see you all at The Panty Raid or down the road in 2017!

Hugs and Love and much Kindness to all,
Dawn and Clea

PS Just for the record if we are running in the same class as these kids we feel we need to anchor a 50 pound bag of feed to the horses tail to offset the weight handicap.

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