One more before The Rebel Soule is put to bed!

This weekend was full of fun times and crazy moments and some office antics that had us all pulling our hair out.

jeanJean Hovan decided she was going to take everyone’s mind off the ground and turn The Rebel Soule into a rodeo!  She rode that paint horse to the end and as the Paramedics (The Broderick’s) got her out to the chute, Jean looked at Clea and I (we were in the holding pen getting ready to run) and said “I made 8 second girls, Ground is Good!  Then the question was ask of our Gate Crew ” Do you all have any water we can give Jean?”  As they all look at each other with a ghostly white look Becky says “Are you kidding me do you know who you are asking?” and with her quick wise wit Crystal says ” We have Cooler water!”  Gotta love that Gate Crew!

Here is the link to  Jean’s Kick Ass Ride

Rob McCauley from Davis Insurance was a huge help with the NY BBQ and helping get the food out to the people.   He was a tad picky at first but then got right into doing what needed done.  Thank you for being you and for all you do for the show and industry!  Dr Brad Cumper was there with the GameTime crew making sure all the horses were feeling their best and loving life.  He is a rockstar!  JHA and Speedy T’s were kickin it in the tent with all their goodies and making sure you all were taken care of.  Thank you all for being at every show with us.  Special shout out to Cherie at Speedy T’s for helping with the Steak Dinners!

The Wokutch’s were amazing from writing times all weekend to chopping up HOT food (sorry about the finger tips Chris) to helping in the entry booth.  We could not have done it without you.  Hopefully you can stay next time and enjoy a little Road Crew time Sunday night

Wes Haley our announcer got his feet wet with his first OTR show and he will be back for another with a little more knowledge on how we roll and what to expect.  We appreciate the task of coming to NY all the way from TN  hope to see him around awhile.    mari

Mari made it back from vacation and hooked a ride with Ms Lora to come to the Rebel Soule to do her Jack of all trades job. She is irreplaceable in so many areas but the most is her Pee Wee Announcing.  We have become accustom to her auctioning off the kiddos (we made her do it at the Royale and now she loves it) and announcing for them when they run.  She does the best job ever!  We would love to have her full time announce but she is so valuable everywhere else we just can’t do it!  And we guarantee no one can take her place  – she is one of a kind!  Love ya Mar

19756759_1769314826418697_6269686601010136854_nThe Red White and Blue outfits were great!  Loved seeing them on Facebook and elsewhere.  If you have a Red White and Blue pic from The Rebel Soule please post it on our Facebook page – On The Road with Dawn and Clea so we can pull the winners and send out your prizes.  We will be doing that by the 17th!

The gate crew, as always, seen some things that will make your eyes bug out.  The Stall office had there share of craziness but the entry office is surely the one that had the most chaos!

We have had some folks voice their concern about the results posting.  For those of you who wonder why the results are not up within minutes let us give you a taste of what happens at this show of more then 600 head. Our shows typically don’t end until early/late morning hours and if we screw something up we eat all the checks and pay all the parties, we do not ask for checks back it was our screw up so our loss.  One year we had a $3100 screw up which in return started the check mailing process. We love all of the classes we can bring to one show, the sidepot and roll over option for time wise and one run for horses, if rider prefers, but for office work it’s a nightmare worse then Elm Street at times. Here are a couple entry forms that came to us (below) –

Was not a senior at ALL – Totally changed the results – 😦 
Just look at it!
This lovely was upset because we didn’t have the entry marked as a roll over  – it was not marked as roll over – 😉 

Then we have the ones that come in a million times to run or roll – run or roll – with 4 different office tickets(that will not happen next year) So when you wonder why the results are not up immediately  A few things have to happen – We have to make sure all the changes were in the system after pulling paperwork to look and see what was up.  Then if they have a draw number or did they run already in the Open, we have to make sure to update that roll over after the Open is over as not to jack up the draw list.  Now times that by 4 times asking to run or roll roll or run.

So you see now why we have 9 PM night before cut off date.  This was our 2nd year in NY and by now everyone or at least everyone’s friends should know that this is how we roll.  So in 2018  Entries close the night before at 9 PM no exceptions no entries no changes!  Now I am not saying we don’t make mistakes because we, without a doubt ,do but our 9 PM Rule makes all these little cra cra things that can go wrong and delay the results a little better.

All in all we had a great week and enjoyed sharing the weekend with all of you. We are working on 2018 for The Rebel Soule and will have concrete dates soon.   If you have an opinion on the early July weekend VS the Later July weekend let us know.   We will have to determine the 2018 date soon!  Also don’t forget if you are one of the ones who doesn’t put your SS# on entry form and won some money we are not tracking you down so if you are in need of the money you may want to contact us

Have a great one and enjoy each moment 

Hope to see you at The BOTB

Dawn and Clea






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