Savannah Scales from Kalkaska, Mi qualify for the BOTB!

Here is a little more about Savannah and JM Fast Dasher who will be running at the BOTB in August.

Where did you and JM Fast Dasher qualify? In Gaylord, Michigan at the 2017 Stars and Stripes Barrel Bash.

savjimTell us a little about your horse: JM Fast Dasher aka Jim was a horse that my Mom Sara futuritied in 2003. Then in 2006 Jim was sold when my Mom was pregnant with me. In 2015 my Mom surprised me when she gave Jim to me for my 9th birthday present.

Everyone has a favorite place to run, tell us what yours is: Falmouth, Michigan because that is where I won my first Open 1D barrel race at. When I run there it is always smooth. Jim likes it there because it is  deep ground.

Each year we all love to attend a favorite show, what is yours? Gaylord, Michigan was my favorite show to attend because it was a larger show.

Give us a little more insight about you and your horse: I am inspired by my best friend Rayna Yeager because she always has great sportsmanship, she always is yelling for me, she always tells me that I have a good run.  Jim and I are very lucky that we have so many people that help support us. Including Ron Sullivan our farrier , and my Dad Colton, my Mom Sara, Sarah Eling, and my God Parents Jeff and Jada Leek. Jim has a great personality. When Jim is bored he chews on his tounge, and Jim loves to be pampered.

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