Friday Night Lights Qualifying Round

We don’t have just one day of BOTB EXCITEMENT – WE HAVE TWO!  

This year we changed it up a bit to try a throw in even more thrill to the game! This year the riders will be running on Friday to be in the Top 25 that will go back to run for the $15,000 on Saturday.  

However, here is where it gets fun – we threw in a “Davis Insurance Package” that if (and they didn’t have to get it, some did and some didn’t) you knock a barrel, horse goes up the fence or you miss your run they are guaranteed a spot back in the finals on Saturday. 



now has some cashola!   Lazy L Arena Lazy L Ranch Logo-No Patchout of North Lawrence Ohio has sponsored a $1500 pay back for the Friday Night Lights Qualifying Round.  Here is how this payout will shake out!

1st-$500        5th-$400         11th-$300        17th-$200     and the fastest knock $100

So not only will some be running for the $15,000 pot on Saturday that we put up for grabs but also another $1,500 that Lazy L graciously sponsored!  All in all these Qualifiers will be running for over $22,000 with all the money, BOTB  AWARDS AND Oh those Rider Bags!  They are something special this year!

Did we mention we are also giving $500 to the fastest 2017 ROADIE in the SLOT RACE ON SATURDAY. This is so close to getting real for the QUALIFIERS – It must be raining money this year, not really that is a joke but it sounded good!

We can not thank you all enough for the support you show us and our crew now and  in the past and future.  It has been 7 years since the BOTB Started and we are happy to be here again.

To the producers who make it possible to have QUALIFIERS putting up the $1250 in added money, which can be trying at times, but they find ways to get more money for all to run for. To the contestants who follow the BOTB QUALIFIERS and Roadie shows.  Our goals is to try and keep entries cheap and try to find as much money as we can so we all go home with a little extra coin in the pocket.(reality is wait for us to send you a check – BLahahhah)

Again we THANK YOU! Make sure to come support your favorite team or state and cheer them on because there are gonna be some bad cats making some kick ass runs on the 26th of August!  Make sure you are there for the set up of the ceremonies we will be having some fun in the arena with the entire crowd!  Cash and prices will be flying  – Watch for details

We will have a schedule up hopefully Thursday (prob Friday) but we will run the THE FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS QUALIFYING ROUND around the 6-8 o’clock hour after the Friday Pee Wee Class.  We will get that schedule up once we have all the pre entries in for an approx time.

Here is your BOTB Line Up!

BOTB 2017 Qualifiers

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