Ambre Zendt & Kisses are looking for the Pee Wee Win!

Meet Ambre Zendt of Houston Pa

Here is a little more about Ambre and Frosted Angel Kisses who will be running at the BOTB in August.

Where did you and Frosted Angel Kisses qualify? We qualified at the Panty Raid.

IMG_1059Tell us a little about your horse: My horse’s name is Frosted Angel Kisses and I call her ” Mare Mare”. She is a 10 yr old Quarter Horse that we’ve had for 4 yrs now. She was ran by my mom and sister before she was given to me last year. She likes me the best by far. Mare Mare is a great teacher and she challenges me. I have so much to learn and she’s very patient with me.

Everyone has a favorite place to run, tell us what yours is:  I love the Champions center in Springfield, Ohio. The shows there are always a blast whether it’s the Half Baked Series, Panty Raid, or BOTB, I always enjoy running there.

Each year we all love to attend a favorite show, what is yours? Quarter Horse Congress is my favorite show. Last year was my first year competing and it was a great experience. I loved running up the chute into the coliseum because it was so exciting! It’s also my favorite because of all the shops and things I get. I also like riding all over on the golf carts

Give us a little more insight about you and your horse: Fallon Taylor inspires me because she always has a positive attitude, she’s always smiling, I love her outfits, she always looks like she’s having lots of fun, I love watching her on instagram , and I’d like to be like her one day.

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