Josey Tracey and Abby are coming from PA to OH to WIN the BOTB Pee Wee!

Meet Josey Tracy of Petersburg Pa

Here is a little more about Josey and Abby’s Midnight Sky who will be running at the BOTB in August.

Where did you and Abby’s Midnight Sky qualify? Abby and I qualified at the Panty Raid.  We finished 5th in the qualifier!

FB_IMG_1501285406020Tell us a little about your horse: Abby is a 13 year old mare that my mom rodeoed on.  She used to be a pretty bad bronc, but she has become much more solid. My mom has won a couple saddles and lots of money on her, including PRCA money.  Not only did I win a couple barrel racing buckles on her, I even won an all around saddle this rodeo season! She is an awesome animal and my best friend!

Everyone has a favorite place to run, tell us what yours is:  This summer we went to a youth rodeo at Delta fairgrounds in Delta, PA.  Abby loved that set up and we ran the fastest time of the year in our age group!  We were actually the second fastest time of the whole rodeo!

Each year we all love to attend a favorite show, what is yours? My favorite show of the year is the Best of the Best because of the cool light show and all the fuss they make for the qualifiers!

Give us a little more insight about you and your horse: I’m inspired by my mother because I like beating her on Abby!  I am also inspired by Chayni Chamberlain because she makes me believe a kid can make it to the American.  I also really admire Fallon Taylor!

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