Meet Delanie Tunstall of Forestville NY

Meet Delanie Tunstall of Forestville NY

Here is a little more about Delanie and Smart Destinys Trip who will be running at the BOTB in August.

Where did you and Smart Destinys Trip qualify? Trip and I qualified at Quiet Quarters Ranch at the 4th Annual Help Save The Boobies Run.  It was my first time ever running there, but I have to say it was one of the best run shows I’ve ever been to.

FB_IMG_1498511754496Tell us a little about your horse: Smart Destinys Trip, or Trip is a 13 year old QH mare.  We purchased her from Julie and Debbie Lore in the fall of 2013. I have been running her for 2 years, but she has been at our barn for 3 years.  She is only about 14.2 hands, but definitely has a lot of power behind her for such a little horse!

Everyone has a favorite place to run, tell us what yours is:  My favorite arena is the New York State Fair Colliseum.  I love the huge indoor, but also love the energy of the large crowd that comes out to watch the runs!

Each year we all love to attend a favorite show, what is yours? My favorite show is the Help Save The Boobies run in Campbell NY.  I have only run up there 1 time, but everything about the show was stellar.  I also think it is important to raise awareness for breast cancer while doing something I love!

Give us a little more insight about you and your horse: My favorite barrel racer is Charmayne James and Scamper.  The fact that she was able to take a horse that no one wanted and make a world champion multiple times is amazing.

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