Meet Robert Ball of Milan Mi

Meet Robert Ball of Milan Mi

Here is a little more about Robert and Canta charming lady who will be running at the BOTB in August.

Where did you and Canta charming lady qualify? St Clair mi ibra gypsy rose barrel race

received_10159048974865133Tell us a little about your horse: Canta charming lady aka annie is a 9 year old cow bred mare owned by January rockey where she was born and raised. There is a love hate relationship with this horse but she is a very gritty mare and fun to run.

Everyone has a favorite place to run, tell us what yours is:  Murfreesboro Tennessee love running in the colisum

Each year we all love to attend a favorite show, what is yours? Ibra nationals it is always a good time and great atmosphere

Give us a little more insight about you and your horse: I’d like to thank January rockey for giving me the opportunity to run her horse. This has been a very fun an blessed year and I’m so greatful she trusted me with Annie.

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