Kosmowski kills it at the First HALF BAKED 

1st Half Baked in the books and it started off with a bang! 

 Heather Kosmowski and Baby Got Black Socks couldn’t wait to get outta that class room on Friday to try to get to The Champion Center on time and have a good enough run to make it back to FIRST EVER $1000 Shoot Out round with NO ENTRY FEE.   She did not disappoint – all in Michigan style of course –  Her and Val ended up high money earner with 3 runs and $1100 in pocket!  The SHOOT OUT paid her $250 and ROADIE MONEY of $50  Pure profit. No Entry Fee for either – All of this will look smashing on their Equistat number$ along with their $8000 plus money won at the On The Road with Dawn and Clea Shows in 2017 

The weekend was nothing short of a good time from the shootout rounds to the pick up race which made for one hell of a good Saturday night with entertainment!  The Pollard Family showed up for that race and if I am not mistaken they will be there and ready for December. Clea and I are gonna limber up in case we decide to enter.  Mari did a great job of annoucing this weekend and leading us in the Pick Up Prayer to get it all started.  If you missed it the last time stay tuned for Saturday night in December where we will be Facebook live again for this crazy night.   Practice up Pick Up Racers we will be adding some more excitement to the rest of the Series for this crazy race.

The Pee Wee’s were kicking it at the first Half Baked and with the Winter Series we take points from the 3 Opens but we are adding the Pee Wee points up as well for the little ones and we will be having Pee Wee Series awards for the little ones.    Make sure and sign up at the Dec show for those award points.  The Nov Pee Wee’s are already signed up by default.

Friday night was a Hot Time on the Old town with our friends Don and Jack D.   Cory and Jay provided some great entertainment all weekend with their tunes and we all had a little time for cutting the rug and enjoying a cold November night in a warm facility with some great people.   Sunday morning didn’t fall short of excitement in the peewee round with our barrel setting showing he has some moves.  All are ok in this video 🙂 ​

​Our kitchen crew kept the food warm and tasting great. Aunt Carol and our lovely friend Chris are always working to make everything just right. Kevin – AKA Sweet Lips – was a huge help at the OTR Trailer and little does he know we will be snagging him up for future shows.   Uncle Al and the rest of the guys keep everything rolling for all of us and we can’t thank them enough. 

The office crew kept the lights on and the results up quick for the weekend despite the forest of paperwork  that ran through the office.   Remember save a tree enter all at one time :). Liz you know we are still laughing about that.   Our upstairs crew were spot on and Barb is the new Timer Tyrant from here on out and she comes with a timer guarantee – that makes for quick turn around with results.    Thank you OTR Crew for all you do for these shows and the contestants.  

The results for all the classes will be posted tomorrow morning and for those who didn’t pick up their money we will be sending you out a check this week.   Thanks again for coming to the show and enjoying the weekend with us.   We hope to see you at the rest of the OTR Shows for the new season.  

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