Half Baked Dec Show Results

Well the 1st Annual OTR Christmas Party and 2nd Half Baked show of the Winter Series is in the books and we are thankful for all who attended.  The weekend was full of good food, sweet cookies (with extra icing on a few of those bad boys) and excitement for everyone – with also a lil accident at the start of the Pick Up Race.

IMG_3777Aaron Pollard, November Pick Up Champ, had a lil incident on his first run earning him a trip in the ambulance and surgery.  As we check in on the him this week Lauren writes “Aaron will be fine he said,  Like he said, he just pushed off like he’s done a 1000 times.. all love of the game😁”    He is the king of Pick Up.  Kyle Gray, one of the RB2 team members, stepped in for Aaron when needed and did a great job!  With teams such as “The Doobie Brothers”, “Rainbow Warriors” “Coming In Hot” and “Whiskey Wreck” it couldn’t help but be fun.   All the riders looked to have a great time and Lexy Stoney and Kyle Gray (filling in for Aaron) took the win!

IMG_3801Ryan Caudill took the Champion of Champions with the Ugly Sweater contest – and for those who missed it, he rode with it on backwards on Sat Night and you could hear Mari saying “There’s a baby on is back – oh my look at that ” Then Sunday you could hear our amazing announcer saying “Oh My where is the baby, you have lost the baby”  We are dying typing this!   Crystal Ganger, Sami Bair, Jeff Micheals and Ellyse Shaffer were among some of the other winners of the USC!

Elaine Dunn won the Lottery Tree and at win time didn’t know if she was keeping it or giving it to her Mom, who would love it 🙂 (Made me smile), The Brown’s won a Vegas Vacation – which they were happy to see after their $1000 Truck expense on a Saturday for a $200 Part (Man that OT on a Sat is killer – Was that a Ford or a Dodge?)  The Burdick’s took home the 50/50 and some Vegas Love and Ashley Barr took home the “Drink Up” basket of goodies!  We hope you enjoyed the weekend and the goodies you won!

d decorating over 200 sugar cookies and the parents were so excited to see them eating all the sugar on Sat afternoon to they were up til – well they probably still are 🙂

Heather Kosmowski took home a jar full of kisses along with a gift certificate to the Panty Raid with one horse paid in full for the weekend.  She also took home some cash for all her efforts.  Baby Got Black Socks rocked The Champion Center arena again to take the win on Sat plus more.

Janis Wagner and Heather Kosmowski were completing for high money earner of the weekend.   Janis was all kinds of “Winner” on her amazing Peroni and her newest ride Sex & Secrets.  These 2 horses took home $2600+ dollars in poles and  barrels Making Janice High Money Earner for the weekend.  Heather crushed it in the Barrels taking the 1D Shoot Out Round win and our 1st 4D Rebuy Sidepot win with her winnings including Top Roadie totaling $1420!   Heather has a young one coming on – look out Janice she is looking to add to her winnings.  The Baker’s and Jeff Michaels had close to or over $1000 weekend pay days as well.  Not to shabby for a Winter Show in Ohio in December!

The Rebuy Sidepot Race is something new, different, exciting and a gamble on everyone’s part.  We had 18 people rebuy to get back in the game to win some bucks and for them it paid off and they took home some loot!  This is how the $5000 4D Sidepot Paid

rebuy 5000
Watch for the 4D ReBuy Sidepots and what’s coming to the Panty Raid in 2018!

Merry Christmas to all and remember Be Kind and have fun!

Dawn and Clea

We hope to see you in Feb (if the weather is good) and throughout the year. As soon as the new Roadies are entered we will put the results up for that sidepot.

Updated Series points will be up tomorrow!

December Half Baked Show Results

Dec Friday Open Results

Dec Pole Results

Dec Pee Wee Results

Dec Saturday Results

Dec Sunday Results

Dec HB Sat $5000 Open Re-Buy Sidepot

Dec HB 2017 ECSIF – $200

Dec HB 2017 Roadies – $250

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