The Rebel Soul of 2018

Clea, I nor The Soules had any idea how long we would be working together nor how long The Soule Family would want to continue the “Running with Pete” at our show. We all knew we would see how things went and make the best decisions when decision making came our way.

This year, The Soules will not be joining us at the show as part of “Running with Pete” they will be changing things up this year of their own choice.

We are grateful to have had the chance to work with The Soules and have NBHA a part of the show for the 1st 2 years.  We were happy to provide them with the show dollars for 2 years to help with there districts but understand decisions have to be made and NBHA has decided they will not be part of the Rebel Soul this year. Again, we thank both parties for being part of the show.

The name “Rebel Soul” will remain in 2018 just without the E. Here is a little back ground about the name of this show. When OTR was thinking of coming to New York, by the request of many people, we already had some names for the show in mind. One being The Rebel Soul from the Kid Rock song – if anyone knows us they know Kid Rock is a favorite of ours. Then, when we were contacted directly by Deb and Lee Soule about coming to NY and adding their “Running with Pete” to a show, we might do in New York, it seemed fitting to use the name The Rebel Soul but add an E. Made sense to all involved. Hence The Rebel Soul”e”

The Rebel Soul will continue to be a Preferred IBRA Show!  We have changed up some things in 2018 at OTR and we are hoping to bring more opportunities to the show for all the contestants.  ECSIF Money, Roadies Money, an OTR 4/5 Yr old Futurity, $10,000 Future Fortunes Open Money and the Rebuy Sidepot are among some of the opportunities you will be running for! Last year we paid out over $140,000 in money to the Rebel Soul contestants and are hoping to pay out more this year. 

Last year, everyone knows, we had some ground issues and we did the best we could to get them fixed with what we had. Well, you all know how us barrel racers can be! 1st year we were hero’s for having such great ground in a facility that is known for bad ground.  Then, year 2, when we did have some ground issues everyone who was complaining forgot all about the 1st year and all our other shows where the ground is good.

 Listen, NO ONE wants to have bad ground, NO ONE says let’s put on a show and have crap ground so we can piss people off. We, just like most, do the best we can with what we have and hope for a great show. That is what we are doing again in 2018! NYSFG are making sure we have some additional material for the arena if needed, they will let us know ahead of time if there will be any changes made to the dirt after a certain period and they will work with us to make the show as safe can be for all.
We are going into our 7th year of shows –  we have had great ground, good ground and 2 times in 2 different years at different arenas our ground has sucked.  Shit is gonna happen and the only thing we can do is work with what we have at the time to make it better, deal with the situation at hand and learn from it and prepare better for future shows.   For those of you who know us, we don’t like nor do we let drama run any part of our life, shows or business.  Drama is the stuff that causes issues from the word go and causes failure for most.   We usually march to the beat of our own drum and try to do right by all who attend our show and treat everyone from 1D riders to 10D riders the same.

With all of this being said, If you want to come and enjoy a Holiday weekend with us we would love to  see you all at The 3rd Annual Rebel Soul July 5-8 2018 at The New York State Fairgrounds. and it is our intention to have the best of everything, including the ground!

Live, Laugh and Love!  Make each day count – this isn’t a dress rehersal
Best to all of you
Dawn and Clea


  1. This is going to be my first year attending this event since I’m fairly new to this fantastic sport! I have learned quickly how important good footing is for our horses and our own well being. I respect the fact that you guys acknowledge the issues and take care of them. It gives me confidence that this years ground will be awesome.


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