The Rebel Soul 2018 – MUST READ


It is with great sadness and indignation we are forced to cancel The Rebel Soul 2018 at the NYSFG on July 5-8, 2018 – Please read the entire post. 

For the past 2 weeks we have been trying to resolve a “contract issue that has come up” with the State of New York and the NYSFG but as of Friday we were not able to do so.  It behooves us how one month before the show, after everything is set, this can happen. We are still trying to figure that out.  

This is our 3rd year there and NOTHING has changed on our end (same business name, same owners, same everything) BUT this year they are stating there is a “new” protocol for the state of New York and they needed additional information for the NY State system.  No problem! We gave them our EIN. That didn’t work. We gave them a copy of banking information and how it was listed in the states system (Ohio). That didn’t work. We handed them the a copy of our tax returns, our socials, 1099’s, the original C575 letter  from the IRS for OTR and STILL they said “ummmmmmm sorry that won’t work.” This has gone on for 2 weeks. We gave them until Friday to get it fixed or we would be forced to cancel the show due to their inadequacies. We could not wait until the last minute to cancel therefore we make the call at this time.

This has weighed heavy on us for the past week and we have been praying it would get resolved. We had to think about the contestants and their families on a weekend they chose to spend with us, the vendors who chose to come and display their wares with us, the people who took the weekend to come to NY to work the show and so on.  We were hoping that this would be resolved this past week considering we gave the NYSFG everything under the sun. YET they still could not manage to fix their “out of the blue” contract issue.

We have always been told the state of NY is not an easy one to deal with, from living there to doing business.  We wonder if whomever made this “New Protocol” had any idea the business/income that would be lost from us to vendors, to the folks who do award jackets,  to the approved associations, to the gas stations, hotels and hell the damn turnpike.  We could almost write a book on the past 2 weeks alone.

With that being said, we will be trying to get a later date this year for The Rebel Soul.  We will keep you all posted on the date and location of The Rebel Soul and we appreciate your patience.


  •  As for the pre-entries – we will be refunding all moneys the same way it was sent to us. i.e. If Jerry Jones sent a check for 7 stalls he will get the refund for 7 stalls made out to him for the 7 stalls and sent to the address on the check.
  •  We will get all refund checks out the door no later than June 18, 2018.  
  •  For those of you who paid via Paypal we will refund you via Paypal  
  •  As for the OTR Futurity, we have reached out to some other shows to place a futurity before the BOTB so futurity riders can get qualified for the $10,000 OTR futurity Finals (you needed to enter 2 OTR Futurities to be eligible to run at the $10,000 OTR Futurity Finals at the BOTB)  
  •  As for the ECSIF money it will stay at The Rebel Soul once a new date is secured
  •  As for the IBRA preferred Show Status it will stay at The Rebel Soul once a new date is secured
  •  As for the FF money it will stay at The Rebel Soul once a new date is secured.

We are currently looking for a place to hold a small show on the July 5-8 weekend, so we can fulfill the Pee Wee Slot Race, The BOTB Qualifier, The Roadies and the OTR Futurity. We have calls in to area arenas and will let you know this week should we come up with anything on this short of notice.

They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.  Clea and I are feeling really, really strong today!

As always please call us with any questions Dawn 330 771 3205  Clea 330 592 5745

Dawn and Clea

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