OTR 4/5 YO 2D $10,000 Futurity

It doesn’t take much to figure out these young horses can make you crazy one day and bring a smile to your face the next day.  In 2018 we decided to add the OTR Futurity’s to the On the Road with Dawn and Clea Shows to hopefully see a lot of people smile.

Of course, it was in Dawn and Clea Style, last minute thinking.  Before the first show we said “Hey let’s do another futurity on Friday Night, one that will work financially for everyone on paying the entry fee and on the pay out!”  The First OTR Futurity Classes were born at The Panty Raid.  We are hoping to finish our 2018 with a bang at the Best of the Best with our  OTR 4/5 YO 2D $10,000 Futurity and hoping 2019 will be good to us to continue with this “new idea”!

Here is a listing of the rest of the shows you can attend to enter an OTR Futurity and get eligible for the Finals at the BOTB!

listing of OTR futuritys Jun 2018

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