The Dust has settled and we are Thankful!

We are very grateful to have had the opportunity this year to continue with the OTR shows.

2018 was an extra busy year and a little bumpy to boot but we all survived and THANK YOU! Thank you never seems like enough to all the great people that make these shows possible, but we are very thankful, grateful, appreciative and humbled by it all.

Thank you to all the sponsors that support not only this show but all the shows through out the year. Thank you to all the contestants especially our dedicated Roadies, for supporting all the OTR shows all year long and being at the BOTB for the close of yet another great year. Sylvia Blum thank you for taking the candid shots and capturing all the things we miss when we are running around like crazy people. Brent Puhl thank you for always taking those great action shots that we look at years later and reminisce.

The Best of the Best did not disappoint. We had contestants from all over with 600 horses running for over $100,000.00. The BOTB Qualifiers were all there to show what they had to bring to the table. With 10 spots being paid and a random spot it was anyone’s day to pick up some nice money

It would be Troy Crumrine who would take home not just the win on Imafrenchmansprincess but be the Reserve Champion on SR Industry Titan the ECSIF Stallion himself. Jenna Burns and Antonette Mazzella Gwinn were not far behind for 3 and 4th place – both of these ladies have dawned the OTR Trailer with Open BOTB wins. Kaily Sooy out of Michigan would pull a Top 5 placing to the tune of $1,760.00. Not bad for 15.631 seconds. Dirk Ponchak, Mikayla Conklin, Janis Wagner, Bert Skimehorn and Katelyn Miller would round out the Top 10 and Cole Mosby would be the random place winner of $500.00! Clea and I are always excited to see familiar and new faces to run in the Slot Race and at the show. Congrats to each of you and thank you for spending the weekend with us.

The Pee Wee’s came to win as well. Each and everyone of them ran their hearts out. They all looked amazing and brought every ounce of try to each run. It would be the last one to run that would nudge Isabel Cumper into the Reserve Champion spot and move Kya Osborne to the Top 3 and Crystal Mason and Filly Luke to be in the Top 5! The last to run would be Bella Woodard – the quiet lil gal- on Pistol who would take home the win. Rhoda Carnahan, Bella’s Grandma, was our 2015 BOTB Champion and we are pretty sure she was giving Bella some pointers for the win. Congrats to Bella and all the Pee Wee’s!

The OTR Futurity had a great first year with 30 Teams running in the finals for $10,000 plus a winner take all on Sunday. Alicia Gatts was not pussy footing around when she took the win $900 win on Friday Nights Go and Sam Malecki taking home $700 to be the 2D Champ. Sam would also take the 2D Champion Title for the Sundays “Winner Take All” letting her pocket $500 for that Sunday Run. It would be the Michigan girls who would take the 1D and 2D champion spots on the Saturday Go. Ashley Thompson would take the 1D Title for a nice paycheck of $900 and Heather Kosmowski would take the 2D Title and a $700 paycheck for her efforts. Brian Langworthy would take the 1D “Winner Take All” Title and $500 home with a nice 15.888 riding his ECSIF offspring from Indy Charger – Busy Leaving Memories.

The $50,000 Open brought all kinds of money to every Division with Troy taking home the 1D for $2750 Sheri Wenger took home $2250, Kim Warner took home $1750, Amber Marin pocketed $1250 and Janel Pangallo got a cool Grand ($1000) for her 5D win on Frost on my Fanny – Congrats to all the winners!

Then there is The Best Damn Road Crew!

Mari Beth did a superb job announcing, as always. You always go above and beyond with the contestants and the Pee Wee parents and kids love you. Your sidekick Wes did a good job for you to keep your voice and sense of humor with very few hours of sleep.

From the OTR cooking crew to the Gate help, the ever smiling office help to the announcers booth and tractor drivers we can not say enough about all and every one who sports a Road Crew shirt – This Crew is without any doubt in our minds The Best Damn Road Crew around!

We can never say enough about all the crew who has ever graced our shows through the years. Every person old crew and new hold a very special place in our hearts and always will.

All the results have been posted on the web since last week at under events. Roadies Sidepot finals and The $1000 Roadies from the Sat BOTB will be up this coming week. All checks are printed and will be mailed Monday! Results can be found at BOTB Results

Again thank you for another great year and we look forward to seeing you in the 2019 season

As always stay true to who you are and never waiver! Have courage and be kind!

Again on behalf of The Best Damn Road Crew THANK YOU

Dawn and Clea

We look forward to seeing you all in 2019 for our 4/5 Year Old OTR Futurities as well as all our shows.

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