Panty Raid Forms

Sheeeee woooooo – a few days behind the 8 Ball ! But that is no shocker, that is just how we roll!    Here are the forms for stalls, Pre Entry and Futurity Horses.

We are looking forward to a great 2019 and our OTR Futurity Events!  We will be posting by the 20th of Jan (Probably the 30th) the listing of OTR Futurities and what will be up for grabs at year end!

Don’t forget to send papers if needed! When competing in any ECSIF or FF Incentive, Derby, OTR or BFA Futurity a copy of horse’s papers must accompany pre-entries or be presented if entering at the show.

Please remember –  if your class entries need a copy of your horse papers and they are not included with your pre entries we will return your paperwork to you without entry!

We need all required paperwork. This will be for ALL shows we will not be chasing everyone down for their “stuff” in 2019! No paperwork no entry

2019 is a new year and the office girls “Gotta Brand New Game”

Looking forward to seeing you all in 2019   –   Let the 2019 Show season Begin!

Dawn and Clea


Click the links below for the printable PDF version of the forms

Panty Raid 2019 Pre Entry Form

Panty Raid Futurity Entry Forms

Panty Raid 2019 Stall Form

ONLINE STALL FORM LINK – ONLINE 2019 Panty Raid Stall Form Link



panty raid stalls final

entry form for futurity (5)

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