UPDATED 3/4/19 March Half Baked Stalls

Below is the link for the March 2019 Half Baked Stalls

Half Baked Stalls 3-4-2019

We are sorry for the overbooking – The stalls went so fast online and before we pulled them down they were over booked!

The Stalls with the X on them are for the outside stalls.  In trying to help everyone get stalls The Champion Center has agreed to let us use the outside barns for this show.

Because these stalls are reserved and not paid for, some may open up inside but we can not promise that!   If you do not want outside stalls that is ok we are just giving you an option – Let us know if you do not want them by texting 330 592 5745 or 330 771 3205

STALLS MUST BE CLAIMS BY FRIDAY AT 8 PM or they will be Back up for sale at the show – if you will not be there til Saturday please let us know that by texting 330 592 5745 or 330 771 3205

IF YOU DO NOT NEED YOUR STALLS (INSIDE OR OUTSIDE) PLEASE TEXT US so we can give them to the next person in line.

As always THANK YOU for all you do for OTR and being part of the shows!

Dawn and Clea

Half Baked Stalls 3-4-2019


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