Had a great time up in Midland over the weekend at The Midland Blast- Thank you Kari Smith and Crew for having a nice show.

Thank you for hosting the BOTB Qualifier and Roadies as well as the OTR Futurity! We appreciate you bringing a little part of OTR to the show.

We had the chance to take some notes and get some ideas for The Rebel Soul! We met up with Trish, who runs the operations at The Fairgrounds, and we are all very excited about our first OTR SHOW next month.

We did go over some of the rules of what and what Nots to do while at The Midland County Fairgrounds, YES, they have rules, just like all other fairgrounds.  Here is a rundown of some that may interest you

  1. Yes, Dogs have to be on a leash, like we see on most showbill from any state – all dogs need to be on leash. The fairgrounds are in city limits and that is a city law! If a dog would bite someone, think of how that would go for all parties involved, BAD! The dogs can be anywhere on the grounds just need to be under control!
  2. Yes, you do also need a negative coggins and we will have to see those at the office. EVERYONE that has a horse on the grounds will need to CHECK IN and bring the Coggins to the office once they get settled!
  3. Warming horses up, they have put in another outdoor arena located behind the indoor warm up area we will be bringing in water trucks and more tractors to keep dust down and all pens dug up. We will also have the track and the center of the track to warm up on if the number of horses warrant and weather permits this. This way there is no warming up in the driveway 😊
  4. Tie outs will be permitted if and only if we sell out of stalls, there will be a designated area on the track for this.
  5. Trish has purchased some Big Ass Fans that will be in for our show which will make it enjoyable and air moving thru the arena.
  6. If you are NOT getting electric and using a generator you will have a designated place for parking and there will be NO camping charge. If you want to park in the Campground, then you will pay for camping the same as anyone getting electric even if you choose to use a generator.

We will try to keep everyone informed of all the info on this show and all things we have been working with Midland on.  These will be posted via our Blog that rolls to Facebook and in the event page.

Trish and Midland Fair Grounds have some big plans to build a new facility in 2020 and we are looking forward to a great relationship to bring a nice show to the north. We do not see many facilities being built like these anymore and trust us we know the long hours, work and money that goes into running any kind of facility.

A few years back we had land picked out to build one ourselves, had plans drawn up, met with architects and when we hit the 3 million number and we were not even close to finished, we went home and said “Shit that’s not even buying the tractors (that cost anywhere from $40-$70k) and equipment to run these shows or employees to work it.  WE OUT!”  it made us realize how appreciative we are of these facilities that do exist for us to rent and use to enjoy our sport.

At the end of day, it takes a lot of money and time to run any kind of operation or facility big or small.  Think about pulling out of the driveway  to go up and down the road, you pull into the gas station in these trucks, that have stickers on them of $40-$60k and trailers about the same,  do we go in and complain to the station owner about paying $100 to fill up NO, we fill up pay for it and get on down the road.  Yet we will all complain to the facility, producer, on Facebook to each other about the stall fees, office fees or entry fees are oh so high!   If you look at all the horse disciplines Barrel Racing is still the cheapest for contestants yet the most money to be won.  We know the cost and work that goes into a production – Can you imagine the total cost to run a facility and how long it would take to pay that off a facility when you rent stalls for $50 or so……….

These are just a small part of having a great weekend of barrel racing and doing what we all love. We do pride ourselves on a no drama zone, we don’t care if you are a 1d or a 5d rider, we all put our jeans on the same way so if you like drama go somewhere else.  We all work our a$$e$ off through the week to have our equine partners, saddles, tack trailer and all the other items that come along with this crazy Barrel Racing!  So if you are choosing to come and spend the weekend with us, you bet we are going to do our best so you have a great time!  Life is too short to be anything but happy!

Also remember when you support your organization IBRA or NBHA, which we have both, the money does go back to them for awards, renting facilities added money for shows etc We do have a big weekend lined up with over $10,000 in money to be won, $10,000 FUTURE FORTUNES no ef, $1,000 CANADIAN BOUNTY no ef, OTR & MBFA Futurity, $3,000 ECSIF, $1,500 ROADIES money up for grabs no ef and $600 SHOOTOUT round!   We hope to see you there and come to enjoy a weekend with us at our new location for The Rebel Soul.  You can get your stalls in online or in the mail pre entries are due in a few weeks Monday June 10, 2019

Go to for the links to the Stalls & Forms!

As always – Do your best to be kind, Be True to yourself and the ones you love!  We only get one chance in this life we hope you make it the best you can!

Dawn and Clea

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