Shipshewana – THE MEC!

Made the trip up to Shipshewana Indiana over the weekend! Wanted to say thanks to Lyndsey Hostetler and her crew for a nice weekend of barrel racing for the kids especially.

They faced a little challenge on Friday with the ground but regrouped on Saturday for some flawless ground and well run show! The ground was fast as the Cindy Patrick won with a 14.5 and her super horse Flit to Heaven came in and busted out a 14.102 time, and although she did drag barrel over it shows you the condition of the ground FAST and PERFECT!  Cindy does not hesitate to SEND THEM and she was, as always, looking great!

What a nice facility, from the acoustics to the Colosseum seating it was top notch.  The  AC in arena in the summer and heat in the winter –  that is pretty cool (no pun intended)  Those Amish sure had a pretty good idea building a facility like that in the middle of a tourist town, the reason we know it was a tourist town is because our dam Christopher aka Siri took us on a tour!


We should have known once we turned on our last road that barely fit two vehicles and when Christopher said “In 8.1 miles your destination is on left prepare to park your car and walk ” and kept repeating that til the last mile – As Christopher was saying that I am looking down at the map thinking Oh Dear Lord – I hope we can turn around somewhere – Clea says “WHAT IS THAT – Are we playing Chicken?”  Well yes, yes we are with a 4 draft horses team pulling a Heaped up load of hay. 

It was nice to be on the road to run our horses and enjoy the weekend at this show.  Have a great one and Lyndsey and Crew we will see you again!

Until then be nice to someone today it will make a difference, and enjoy the day!

Dawn and Clea

PS Linda I have disabled the heater!

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