Like Paul Harvey says “And now you know The rest of the story”

On the brink of putting up the BOTB show information for the 9th year we are faced with a dilemma. Do we post about the Bob Memorial Show AKA The Best of the Rest or do we for another year just ignore it and roll on. We have decided there are pros and cons to both decisions but we are going to go with the decision to post about it.

Let’s start from the beginning – A few years ago Bob Lloyd, not just a horse friend but long time friends of the entire family, was diagnosed with cancer. As time went by his family needed a pick me up and we saw a family in need. So in a 17 day time period we gathered our crew and put together a benefit show for him and his family. We stopped everything, our business needs, personal things and our crew took vacation days to do what they could to help to make sure we could give them the best we could. The community came together with people who knew The Lloyds and those who did not. Anyone who could help did. The turn out was great and raised around $20K for this family. As time went on a great man fought hard, but lost his battle to cancer.

Fast forward to last year – There was a Bob Lloyd Memorial show the same weekend as BOTB which was just fine. We thought that is great to have a show in his memory . We did think though – being a memorial show wouldn’t you try and put it on a weekend so you could get as many as you could come enjoy and support the cause, we know alot of OTR would have went for the support, but none the less we were happy to see it going on.

Then as we are at the BOTB last year we get several text of a picture the show producers  have also called it the “Best of the Rest” and at that point we thought WOW CLASSY – how disrespectful of those in charge of show and what a slap in the face to our crew who stopped their daily life to help this family in their time of need. We all talked about it, in disgust I might add, then left it at that.

A few weeks later, last year, we are talking to an individual at WB and they offer their apologies for the “Best of the Rest’ Show. Saying and we quote “ Had I known it was to be vindictive to you two, and I know it was because I was told it was done to hurt you, then I would of done something different” To that we said – We are used to it. No Worries

Fast forward to last week – The Bob Memorial Event Post about the show not being IBRA approved. – While we are out working at trying to get the yard, horses, flowers all caught up we get a picture txt about “ The Best of the Rest ” Post both of us say “ For the Love of God!”

As we read through the post and comments we are both dismayed by what we see. And up to that point, we have said over the last couple years Facebook is detrimental to mankind. BUT that is NOT TRUE! The People who are behind the Keyboards are the ones who are the issue. Most who react to a post have no idea what they are talking about, they never have the full story and they do not want it. They want to react to a sentence or statement and not really know what the facts are. The person posting gets some likes and Hell Yeah’s and that is all they need to make a mountain.

First, we agree with Karen Lloyd, Bob’s wife, about the show should be about Bob, his love for the sport and his kids, and it absolutely should of been and would have been until she let the show producers , be vindictive then it was made any part of it about us. We are sad it came to his point. And to this day we have not a clue why there is even an issue, and honestly at this point we do not care.

Just a couple of the sticking points.

Proper payback comment posted by Jamie Montooth- if you have a brain and a calculator you can figure what we pay back and know correct amount of money is always paid out. You better bring something new to the table to call us out on.

People posted on the comments about not being about to go to these big shows of 700 plus. The BOTB has not had 700+ but even so, when a horse owner is trying to sell a horse do they use “a Big show” as a selling point? If so, then that was ok to have been part of a BIG SHOW but not now – Think about that when you are posting and crying to the IBRA that the “Best of the Rest” needs to be IBRA Approved.

Do you all know when the new IBRA season starts? August 1 each year! So that means that this is a new season and it is the start of points for the new year, are you telling us you cannot attend a memorial show that is not IBRA approved because of points, that you have to dig into another show thinking they are the cause of that non approval. IBRA made this decision on part to make sure future long existing shows are not booked on top of another big show – that our friends is called respect. That is called good business for all parties and protects any new shows as well for the future with this type of decision making. We have the utmost respect for IBRA for doing the right thing in a world of “trying to make everyone happy” We would have respected any decision made and we told IBRA that and they know that. So for all you keyboard hero’s posting SHAME ON THEM ~ Shame on you!

Here is a perfect example from Keyboard Hero’s.

Earlier this year someone posted as feeling frustrated “ Still have no Panty Raid Check!” 18 people posted about how horrible it was, how that is wrong, how they would be calling us out….. What the 18 people did not know and we did not post that this person had an Bad check, NSF fees and hell NO they didn’t get their winnings until that was taken care of.    Much like the IBRA post, most people don’t really know all the facts. We are hoping you see the bigger picture and then find your way to your conclusion on the what, whys and where’s.

So the long and the short of it is. We are and have always been for the show goers, we will continue to be this way, we will give back the best we can and we will usually ignore the Facebook crap until it just eats at us to the point that it effects others, especially our crew and ones who support us. Than we will not stay quiet.

There are 52 weeks in a year if there is a show you don’t want to go to just don’t go – no need to bash anyone or anything about the show. No need to talk trash and make unjust claims – just go to the one you want and enjoy the weekend!

Remember – When people hurt one show/business it hurts other businesses, the vendors, the facilities, your show photographer who sits hours on end to catch your memories, the sponsors and local businesses. So if you have an issue with us – don’t be a keyboard hero – pick up the phone and call or better yet when you do see us at a show don’t just walk by us like we are not there STOP and tell us what your issue is we will be happy to come to a resolve and call it a day.

So our last thoughts are go to whatever show you want to go to, enjoy the weekend with your family and the sport we all love BUT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD stop with the antics of trying to dig on each other and dig on us because we have had our fill.

We hope to see you all at the BOTB and enjoy the weekend with us and celebrate the riders and their horses who have busted ass to qualify and enjoy a weekend of open barrel racing

Here is to another 9 years – Oh wait maybe not 9 more but cheers to a great show !

Remember it doesn’t cost anything to be kind – see you down the road!
Good Day

Dawn and Clea

On another note – 2020 – 10 year BOTB Anniversary. Look Out 2020 we are changing some $h1t up!!

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