Danielle Walworth and Cuz I Seis So – They will be reppin’ the OTR in all kinda style

Dani – Love you more than you know and we are so excited to see you and Chrome shining at the BOTB!

  • Tell us a little about your horse age, gender and who their daddy is?
    Cuz I Seis So aka “Chrome” is an 8 year old, Quarter Horse, Gelding.
    Chrome is truly a gentle giant (literally), he loves what he does, has a natural talent. I’ve owned him for just over 4 years now and I feel beyond blessed and lucky to have him as my first barrel horse!
    Tres Seis is his daddy.
  • State where you qualified
    Lewisburg, Ohio
  • Name of Arena where you qualified
    Circle G Arena
  • What was your placing
  • How many times have you qualified for the best of the best or are you a first timer?
    This is my first time qualifying for the BOTB!
  • Tell us about the arena where you qualified – producers, ground, size of pen?
    The ground at the Circle G is always awesome. Chrome definitely loves the bigger arena, that way he can stretch out in between each barrel and then can really turn loose on the way home.
  • What has been your biggest win as a rider so far?
    I would say my biggest win was hands down qualifying for the best of the best! I literally cried for 30 minutes after my run not only because I knew it was one of my best runs but the fact I finally qualified. It has been my goal to qualify for the last 2 years, words can not describe how excited I am to run with the best!
  •  Who is the one person that made you the rider you are today?
    I honestly can’t pick just one person, I’m so lucky to have such amazing parents who have supported me my entire life even more so when it’s came to Chrome. My dad whose always drove with me weather it’s a day show or an all weekend show and then my mom being the best cheering section!
    I love you both so much!

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