Nina Nina Nina

If you know that name you know about Nina’s Speed Beads and how fast they make Nina Shirey’s horses run. Nina has been to, we are guessing, every OTR Pee Wee Race to try to qualify and she checked that off her list by qualifying not 1 but 3 horses. She will have a tough decision on which 2 horses to run in Aug at the BOTB.

Her next goal was to not just qualify but to WIN the slot race. Well she came to Michigan to play and play she did. She was the Champion of the Pee Wee Slot Race – Last horse to run in the class and brought 3 cans of whoop butt with her.

We were so excited about getting all the qualifiers in the picture that we missed just getting a picture with Nina and Rooster for the win. She won a beautiful Mandy’s Tack Halter and a Rebel Soul Champion Jacket that DT Performance Designs will get to her! We did get her in the 1D win pic from Saturday though which is right where this lil gal will be in the future! See Nina we didn’t forget we were just giving you a glimpse of your future 🙂 With your sissy and Daddy.

Congrats Kid We are proud of you keep up with your Rockstar Status!

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